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Amp Rive are an instrumental band from Italy. Their music can be described as post-rock with a strong focus on melody, mixed with hints of shoegaze and dreamy dissonances.

The band was founded in 2006 by Luca and Adriano. The band went through several lineup changes during the following 5 years, before releasing their first album in 2011. The current lineup is formed by: Luca (guitar), Gualtiero (guitar), Alessandro (bass), Chicco (synth), Riccardo (drums).
In 2009 they composed an original soundtrack for the silent film “Vampyr” (C.T. Dreyer, 1932), then performed live in various film festivals around Italy with great success.

Energetic, pure and elegantly melodic dynamism. Precise, functional, but never trivial rhythmics. Their music is highly structured but never rigid or complete at the first listening. Amp Rive are all this and (much) more.

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Amp Rive
Irma Vep
Release Date: 14 December 2012
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