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Astrowind is Kirils Lomunovs a.k.a Kriipis Tulo from Latvia who has been featured as a key figure of the Latvian electronic music scene for producing some of the most essential experimental electronic and ambient music of the past years. Astrowind creates deep music with help of vintage analog synthesizers and open-reel tape recorder. Astrowind released several significant albums which declared forward-looking style – Paleopsychedelic ambient.

Sven Swift says "Astrowind got the harmonies and the sound to become one of the most interesting Baltic acts to emerge from a scene rich of innovative musicians." After releasing a few works on underground music labels, Astrowind took his place on Fluttery Records.

Releases By This Artist  

Somewhere The Music Had Been Played
Release Date: 04 April 2012
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Fresh Wind In The Valley Of Dreams
Release Date: 10 February 2012
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