Heinali signs with Fluttery Records

Heinali (a moniker of Oleg Shpudeiko) is a composer and sound artist from Kiev, Ukraine composing modern classical, ambient, electronic music since 2003. Now, he’s signed a recording agreement and his new album “Air” will be made available by Fluttery Records

Heinali’s sound is generally eclectic, though often described as atmospheric and emotional. In 2009 he joined the Soloma art group and composed music for media art performances “Traces on the Snow”, premiered at “I Love Kiev” contemporary art festival (Kiev, Ukraine, 2009) and “Aero”, premiered at “Gogol Fest” contemporary art festival (Kiev, Ukraine, 2010). His music was featured in ‘Ni Ogros Ni Princesas’ Provizional Danza choreography directed by Carmen Werner (Madrid, Spain, 2011). Collaborated with Maria Navrotskaya, Pleq, Merzbow, Aiode, Anton Baibakov, Orchestra Eclettica e Sincretista, Matt Finney. Collaboration with American poet Matt Finney became a separate heavier and darker sounding project. In 2011 they wrote music for the opening of Olya Pischanskaya’s photo exhibition, which took place at Korobchinsky Art Centre (Odessa, Ukraine, 2011). 

He says “I’m happy to announce that I’ve signed with Fluttery Records for the very special release of “Air”. And for this I’m grateful to Taner Torun and Jun Minowa from Yawning, It’s always a pleasure to be on a label who respects artistic freedom.”

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Pre-orders start for Clint Listing’s In The Minds Of Madness

Clint Listing creates music as a solo artist in post industrial landscape mix elements of noise, ambient, drone and avant sounds. Clint Listing’s In The Minds Of Madness is a collaboration with some of the favorite artists he has performed with on tour, live events or just impressed him. Projects like Terrorfakt, Dream into Dust, Steel Hook Protheses, Murderous Visions, Encomiast  & Lopeholt. This album spans many genres of The Post Industrial and Experimental landscapes from harsh noise, electronica to post-rock.  “In the minds of madness” has taken two years of blood , sweat and creativity.  Clint Listing tells that this is the most expansive release of his twenty + year music career.


Ambient & Experimental Electronic Music Specialist Astrowind Releases “Fresh Wind In The Valley Of Dreams”

Astrowind, Ambient & Electronic music artist

Astrowind is Kriipis Tulo from Latvia who has been featured as a key figure of the Latvian electronic music scene for producing some of the most essential experimental electronic and ambient music of the past years. Astrowind creates deep music with help of vintage analog synthesizers and open-reel tape recorder. Sven Swift says “Astrowind got the harmonies and the sound to become one of the most interesting Baltic acts to emerge from a scene rich of innovative musicians.” After releasing a few works on underground music labels, Astrowind took his place on Fluttery Records and his 12 track album Fresh Wind In The Valley Of Dreams is made available the label.

Many Astrowind’s tracks are themed in outer space and its secrets – musical attempts to grasp the unknown. Astrowind offers a spiral of accumulated experience of what has been seen, heard, dreamt and read, the desire to get away beyond the horizon of consciousness and sub-consciousness through musical experience.

The album is dedicated to the cosmonaut Aleksey Leonov – the first man in outer space and a person who has always appealed to the author. Such tracks as The Case with Colonel Aleksey Leonov, Lost and Found on The Moon, Mute Pilots and Aleksey Leonov See Dreams are also inspired by the movie 2010: The Year We Make Contact (a sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey) which tells the story of an American-Russian space crew flying to the Jupiter System on a ship named after Aleksey Leonov. The author hopes that Aleksey Leonov will hear this record. This track greets him.

The album’s title track, Wind on the Plain, has been named after Debussy’s Le Vent de la plaine. This is a tribute to the composer who has been an inspiration for Astrowind for a long time. The album was recorded in collaboration with Mahi Bukimi. Kriipis Tulo is grateful to Mahi Bukimi for his contrubution in the recording of this album.The album provides a fusion of nostalgic echoes of Soviet news broadcasts, an echo of old radio sets and the cinematic patina of artwork by censored Soviet filmmakers. These are islands of memory, the past overcoming the future.

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Noise master Clint Listing signs with Fluttery Records

Clint ListingNoise master Clint Listing joins our family. He creates music as a solo artist in  post industrial landscape mix elements of noise, ambient, drone and avant sounds. Some of you may know him from Absolute Zero Media where he regularly reviews.

Clint says “I can officially announce that I have signed with Fluttery Records for the Collaborative Release ” In the Minds of Madness” for Physical and Digital formats. Taner Torun of Fluttery Records has been very supportive and truly wants to promote what I create to world.”

Clint has been producing music more than 23 long years and he came up with an amazing album where he collabrates with other artists in each track like Terrorfakt, Dream into Dust, Steel Hook Protheses, Murderous Visions, Encomiast  & Lopeholt… We will be releasing more harsh noise, dark ambient in the near future. Yes, we want to promote what he creates to world.

Let me know when the album gets released.