Seven Nines and Tens interview by Fade To Yellow

Fade To Yellow is a great radio show radio show on KOOP 91.7fm.  Post-rock, IDM, Electronic, Ambient and Drone is being played. Streaming at every Tuesday night 9-10pm CST.

Our artist Seven Nines and Tens gets interviewed in this show!

Here is the interview

FTY : Can you introduce yourself and what instrument you play in the band?

FTY : How did the band name Seven Nines And Tens come about

FTY : How did you guys meet

FTY : How would you describe your sound

FTY : You have a new album, tell me about the writing and recording process

FTY : How did the deal with Fluttery records happen

FTY : What does the future hold for Seven Nines and Tens

The Perspectives Project invites musicians to contribute

You may know Lajos Ishibashi-Brons from Gate, his noise / jazz project on Fluttery Records. He has started a new project and he is calling musicians to contribute.

He says “The perspectives project invites musicians, regardless of genre, instrument, and technique to send in interpretations of the compositions available for download on the project website. The final product will be constructed out of these interpretations by Lajos Ishibashi-Brons (musician and philosopher), and is planned to be released on CD next year.

The procedure is rather simple: a musician (or band) who is interested in contributing downloads one or both of the pieces of music from the project website, and records her/his own interpretation, variation, etc. thereof along with it, but keeping the recordings separate; for example by recording the original on the left and the new contribution on the right. This separation is essential as the originals will not be used in the final mix; those are merely intended to guide the contributing musicians.”

For more information about contributing, see the project website.


Listen, buy or download Gate albums

Two new videos from Music For No Movies

Music for no Movies is a reverse project composed of “orphan” tracks 
and conceived as soundtracks in search of their cinematic motherhood.
So this is a new experiment of ‘adoption’. Featuring Yuki Eikawa.

Earth Job

The Dog and The Downpour

Listen & buy Music For No Movies music

Chek out the album Violent Zen