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postrock-facebook-pageA few days ago, Post-Rock Facebook Page announced that they were looking for support for their next project. They have been supporting the post-rock, ambient, experimantal music community for a long time and page is loved by many people on social networks. They said they are now going to build an independent DIY online magazine and music promotion website. You can support them by visiting this page:

Here is their note:

Since late 2008, I have been running the post-rock fan page on Facebook with the occasional help of two friends ( What began as a simple page to share what we like and listen to transformed into a large community with over 75.000 members all around the world. As the page grew and people showed their appreciation of what we do, more and more bands, labels, online magazines, music blogs, and promoters started contacting us to work together. We were of course humbled and did our best to support them by sharing their music and encouraging people to buy their albums, attend their concerts, or show their support in any other way. Almost 800 bands/artists have been featured so far, and in addition to regularly spreading the latest news, interviews, tour dates etc., we have held 21 live Q&A sessions with bands such as If These Trees Could Talk, Sleepmakeswaves, Ef, Lights&Motion, Kwoon, *shels, and Our Ceasing Voice among others.

Over the years, Facebook post-rock page has built up considerable momentum as a key source for post-rock/experimental/instrumental rock community and brought bands and listeners together. Although our current social networking accounts present an invaluable opportunity for us to promote independent music, they at times fall short of addressing some needs.  This is why we decided to move on to another stage and start our promotion website.

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A few things to know about Arms Of Tripoli, before listening to their debut album

Do you think you are sexy?

Think twice; Arms Of Tripoli has one of the sexiest guitarist in the world; Jaime Galvez.

Arms Of TripoliThey are from Los Angeles.

But life is not always easy there

And a few more things;

– Band members also play in various LA based bands, including Signal Hill, The Lights From Here, The Half Mantis Group, and Naked in the Dark.

– Their debut EP “All Fallen Embers” received great reviews.

– The  debut album “Dream in Tongues” will be released on February 21, 2014. The album cover & tracklist can be viewed, preview song can be heard, and album can be pre-ordered here.

Bandcamp Digital downloads / CD masters will be have a diffrent master than those downloads on Itunes, Amazon and Spotify. Believe us this not a commercial trick. After the digital distribution, we have far more greater master of the album and Fluttery Records thought that it should be available for our die hard fans.

Harnes Kretzer’s modern classical / ambient tunes: Petrichor

Harnes Kretzer - blogHarnes Kretzer from Germany is a young talented musician whose music travels around modern classical and ambient. Besides his piano based compositions you can hear the music boxes, field recordings, effect/pads and toy instruments.

‘Petrichor’ the greek word for -the scent raindrops arouse falling on dry ground- is a symbol for the diversity contained in Harnes Kretzer’s latest Album.

The variety of modulations he elicits from his antique piano is awesome. The origin of sounds is not reduced to the keys but expands to every single part of the instrument. The lid screeches, the pedals rattle, the felts breathe with the tide. Each acoustic element was squeezed through a magnitude of digital effects to reappear as a homogenic adventure to a never heard acoustic cosmos.

Smooth piano ballads, tiny lo-fi interludes, bewildering noise carpets await the attentive listener. In ‘Petrichor’ Harnes Kretzer combines a colorful mixture of ambient, neo-classical, noise and lo-fi musical styles. The acoustic jewels reveal their beauty by listening closely, laid back with closed eyes withdrawn from the world around.

’Petrichor’ was recorded and processed on various locations. This spatial diversity is the offspring of the emotional and acoustic intenseness attracting the listener throughout the album.

Harnes Kretzer managed to create a very good album by reducing the means to a minimum to get out the most.

Listen to the album

AL_X release “Shunt”

 AL_XLiverpool artist Al_X (Alex Dunford) returns with a new 22 track album, ‘Shunt’. A less ‘song’ oriented album that his debut release, but it sees him move into a more comfortable soundtrack based genre.

The album started life as a small 4 track EP, but over the last year, grew to a huge 70 minute soundtrack to Al_X’s dreams and nightmares. “I always have trouble sleeping, and when I do, I have very vivid dreams and nightmares, and they stay with me for a few days. The subject seems to be quite dark or deals with large spaces, so I can try and work with what I can remember, and attempt to put that into music with various instruments and textures”, Alex states. “It’s a concept album, I suppose, but a very close one at that”, he adds.

Recorded towards the end of 2012 and most of 2013, utilising large halls, field recordings, analogue equipment, AL_X has produced an album that would grace most soundtracks.

Starting with ambient textures, Al_X takes us on a journey through folk, electronica, ambient, new age, but to name a few, and then back to his signature folk / electronica, to end the album on a rather uplifting tilt, taking us through a lot of emotions along the way.

Listen to the album