New modern classicals by Bosques De Mi Mente

frontinsertBosques de mi Mente is a solo project of Ignacio Nieto Carvajal, who is based in Madrid, Spain.

The whole project started in 2007 when he decided to create music on his own to reflect some restlessness and feelings that were in his mind. The idea behind Ignacio’s first records was to remember and capture his childhood, a happier epoch of his life. He approached composing frantically, spontaneously and it was clear to him from the very beginning that the Bosques de mi Mente would be an open musical project.

One day in 2009, during a happier period of his life, he started a conceptual work about “The Little Prince”. The idea was to connect with the emotion of every chapter and write a song about it, while giving the work a full cohesion as a conceptual unit. The result of all this process is “Inocencia”.

Some months later, during a harsh winter in Madrid, spontaneously, “Nueve Días de Invierno” was born. Ignacio’s piano was to be tuned, and althought that’s a perfect ocassion to record new piano songs in perfect tune, he had no new stuff for piano, so he decided to record, during 9 days of winter, as an improvised performance, the music as it was played or created, and he spent those days alone recording in his home studio. Those were days of heavy rain, cold weather, snow and wind, and so… “Nueve días de invierno” was born.

“Nueve Días de Invierno” was a very fulfilling experience that showed him the beauty of the improvised, solo piano sounds, so he decided to repeat and magnify this experience for his next work, “Otoño”.

Since the days of “Inocencia”, Ignacio had been thinking about doing a different album, based on his passion for toy instruments, malfunctioning electronics, circuit bending and vocal harmonies. He also began experimenting with harmonies and reversed vocals. These two new ways of experimenting with sound resulted in “Colores”, a different album with a positive feeling.

Some time later, the 20th of April of 2011, the night before he was travelling to Berlin, there was a terrible storm in Madrid. Ignacio decided to set some ambient mics pointing to the storm and another two mics recording the piano, and started playing. He left his mind wander through the piano notes for three quarters of an hour and then closed the lid of the piano, pressed the STOP button and started to prepare my luggage. When he came back from Berlin, he played the recording again and was so impressed by what he heard that he decided to share it. The result is “20 de Abril” (April the 20th), the most minimalist album of Bosques de mi Mente to date.

Since “20 de Abril”, Ignacio worked on many projects but the one that will interest us today is his last work. The last Bosques de mi Mente’s album, released this year, was the first to be released publicly under a record label, Fluttery Records. It’s name is “…de los Valles y las Montañas”.

“… de los Valles y las Montañas” is a critical reflection on the duality of our existence on earth, of hate and love, of technology and wilderness, of civilization and brutality, of noise and silence. We live in world of skyscraper filled cities and vast, empty wilderness. There is a fragile balance there, so fragile it seems like on the edge of scattering into pieces. It’s sad and beautiful at the same time.

This duality is present in “… de los valles y las montañas”, gentle piano lines and violin melodies confront the screaming noise of street preachers and the background noises, almost trying to cast some light in the dar scenery. The music here does not try to make any judgments, it just tries to allow the listener a moment of peace to think about it.

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Cold Cold Heart debut is an album to adore


Cold, Cold Heart is a post-rock / ambient band from London, UK. Robert, Chris and Adrian assembled in early 2014 out of friendship and a shared admiration for bands such as Stars of the Lid, Low and Sparklehorse. What started as a simple coming together to craft percussionless compositions in a spare bedroom turned into something more focused after recognition for their first release, ‘Stand/still’. Encouraged by appreciation from Simon Raymonde (Bella Union, Amazing Radio) and Kara Manning (Rolling Stone, WFUV Radio) amongst others, Cold, Cold Heart was born.

‘How the Other Half Live and Die’, as a collective work, is built around the concepts of love and loss. In ‘Megan’, ‘Anna’ and ‘Hannah’, the band have written songs that soundtrack the beauty and challenges in their romantic relationships, whilst ‘Stand/still’ and ‘An Elegy (for Martha)’ capture the sadness and nostalgia left behind in the wake of departed loved ones.

The album is Cold, Cold Heart’s shared soundtrack to life; to the fear and beauty in death; to infatuation and devotion; to the band’s personal battles with illness. It has been featured in various shows on BBC Radio 6 and become one of the most pre-ordered releases in the Fluttery Records history.

With Robert’s 10-year struggle living with multiple sclerosis a constant backdrop, delicacy and simplicity resonate in all that the band does. The most important instrument is the listener’s imagination.

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A new experiment of Mathew Roth: Written & Unsent

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Our first March release has been prepared by someone very well-known to all members of Fluttery Records family. His name is Mathew Roth and after his successful album “Immersion”, he is coming with his second piece “Written & Unsent”. Let us remind you something of Mathew’s background.

Mathew began his musical career behind a drum set. He played the drums for close to 15 years, playing out around town and touring with various metal acts. The next step in his career was presented by his uncle Harold, who, after talking with Mathew about his interest in the piano, bequeathed to him his wife’s piano; a Kranich and Bach upright console. The next year was spent in an intensive retreat into music, where Mathew wrote, practiced and also recorded.

After his uncle passed away, Mathew set off for a 6-week journey and walked 500 miles across Spain, which was a very transformative event in his life and incorporates much of what he experienced into the current musical projects he is working on.

Written & Unsent is an exploration into the versatility of the piano; an attempt to play the instrument in a unique way. Roth’s heavy influence in rhythm and percussion is obvious in this album, as it will, at times, embody the emotion of a percussive instrument more so than a melodic one. The playing swings between extremes of soft and delicate melodies into a bass-drum-thumping rhythm which you will find yourself bobbing your head to. “When I first discovered my love for the piano it was because I realized that I could play it like a drum. I had been playing drum set for 15 years but grew tired of it. One day I started playing ‘drum beats’ on a piano and a little lightbulb went off in my head. The subtlety and melody that was lacking was now here.” Says Roth of his playing style.

This album is unique for Roth in a few ways. In “Immersion” he favors a heavy reliance upon violin and cello structure to tie the pieces together; the piano is often simple to leave room for the strings, yet W&U is filled with powerfully driven solo piano which encapsulates the entire spectrum of sound. It was only because of the desire to play live shows, and the difficulty in finding strings players, that drove Roth to write more piano driven pieces. Roth says that he is happy with how the album turned out, but he still sees it as more of an experiment. “The next album, which I’ve been enjoying obsessing over for the past few months, will definitely incorporate more strings and other instrumentation.”

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