Clint Listing

Clint Listing creates music as a solo Artist in  Post Industrial landscape mix elements of Noise, Ambient, Drone and Avant sounds. Mr Listing has performed and recorded under the following  names – A Darkened Sea, As All Die, Broken Hands for Brilliant Minds, Grizzle, Long Winters Stare,  Mugger, Radio Friendly Unit Shifter, Sulkweed, When Joy Becomes Saddness  over the past 23 yrs. He has performed Across North America Touring and Playing Festivals such as DFR Fest, Phoenix Noise Fest, Providence Industrial Fest and others.

Working with such labels as Crowd Control Activities , Dark Symphonies, Autumn Wind Productions, Blade Records, RRRecords, Fractured Spaces, Flood the Earth, Aesthetic Death, Somanbulant and Foreshadow Productions. Clint Listing's style and sound has been compared to Swans, Blood Axis, James Plotkin, MZ412, Earth, Robert Rich, Whitehouse, Masonna and Daniel Menche. He joined Fluttery Records family with his 2012 album "In The Minds of Madness"

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Clint Listing
In The Minds Of Madness
Release Date: 30 March 2012
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