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Eleven33 is an American music project led by Rob Fleming whose music blends alternative with hints of electronic and post-rock genres providing for a cinematic listening experience.

"I’ve always been drawn to the emotional and cinematic side of music. When I’m writing, I often picture a scene or try to articulate an emotion. I’m not thinking … “What does this need to sound like or what gear should I use for this track?” Rather, I’m thinking “Where is this place? What am I seeing? What am I feeling? Those are the questions that inspire the music I create."

Eleven33’s cinematic sound is built on strong rhythms, rich textures and undeniable melodies. By combining traditional instrumentation with subtle nods to electronic music, Rob creates richly textured and colorful tracks that captivate and engage the listener, taking them on an inspiring musical journey.

“Melodies, chord progressions and grooves are constantly evolving in my head. I am truly lucky when I'm able to capture a fraction of those sparks or random ideas in the studio. Much of what becomes a full song starts with a simple accident ... a melody line or chord progression I discover on the guitar or piano. Once these ideas start to develop, it's very hard for me not to visualize them as well. Whether they conjure up an imaginary scene, a place or emotion ... there is always a visual accomplice to my music. That's when the mood and temperature of the song starts to evolve, the groove and tempo set, and from there ... layers upon layers of texture and the track starts to build.”

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Chasing Light
Release Date: 09 June 2016
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