Release Date: 02 May 2009
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Track List

1 - Turquoise
2 - 16
3 - Constant
4 - Maze
5 - Red
6 - Traces
7 - Antidote for Myself
8 - Under The Trees
9 - Nothing
10 - Distance
11 - Time
12 - Diademia

About The Album  

Open Work Stocking (aka Anton Tatarinov) is an one man electronic music project from St. Petersburg, Russia and he is one of the youngest artists record in Fluttery Records. Diademia is his debut; an album gaining its power from tender piano and synth melodies which merge with sharp digital sounds. Although it contains lots of noise and glitch elements, his sensitive melodies keep the album highly listenable among the other albums of its genre. “People are affected by many events, situations and feelings they can never explain. Diademia is the album for these state of mind.” says Anton.


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