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Release Date: 25 February 2011
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1 - Streetlights (24:50)
2 - A Diary Of A Morphinist (17:53)
3 - 30 Seconds Of My Past Life (8:03)
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About The Album  

Ana Never is a post-rock band from Subotica (Serbia) which exists since spring 2002. Shaped in a spirit of friendship and sensibility, it emerged out of exploration and experience of music and life of its three members, Srdjan Terzin (guitar), Dejan Topic (guitar) and Goran Grubisic (drums), who were friends since they were children. Mogwai, GY!BE, Silver Mt. Zion, Set fire To Flames, Labradford are some of the many bands inspired them.

The EP contains 3 long tracks (the opening one is 24 minutes and 50 seconds). The songs are not new, they are the tracks the band is playing in their live shows since 2005. The band members say “The music is about detaching and healing everyday life of lost generations from post war transitional and turbulent Serbia when the songs were written. The music that is driven with some living urge, unpretentious strong will and idea to do something sane and affirmative and first of all to try to found the source of it inside of us.”


Life in Subotica / An Article By Zoran Trklja about Ana Never and where they live.

Life in Subotica (hometown of Ana Never) has always exuded silent conciliation with transience, humbly accepting calm defeat and stale, cocooned, sincere, charged -- and under petroleum lights -- disturbed horror. 
Since the death of the tram -- the only civilization and truly urban, happy and all dashing Subotica's all spirit -- generations are doomed to roam between the road to Palic and the road to Belgrade (concrete), from time to time liberated and temporarily conscious in the woods of Kelebija or peaceful shelters in the apartments of Prozivka and sleepy houses of Makova sedmica.

Downtown -- Bronx, Gustav, naked walls of the Junkie street (take your pick according to your sensibility), are the highest points on the world mountain that this town used to climb. But, it never reached the summit. Cottage at the base of the mountain, couple of souvenirs, tea and a rabbit foot, was enough for everything to roll back into the symbols, billboards and messages.
Speed (?) of oblivion and reconciliation that we, as citizens of Subotica, have managed united to give to each other forever will determine our attempts to imitate life. Like the story of the last tram, the story of our lives will be boring and a little bit selfish.
So - that's enough. Soundtrack of all of ours lost illusions, happiness, sober nights, wet eyes, frozen branches, muddy streets, perished hopes, desperate dreams, blurred windows, drizzling rains and dazzling stupidity, came through four songs from Ana Nevers' album, with no clear wish or intention by their side.
Strange is the destiny of an artwork, especially musical one. For an author(s), once conceived, tried out, lived and experienced the moment of personal enlightenment or catharsis, will never be the same or at least not as intimately overwhelming, when you share it with many ears and brains.

The value of Ana Nevers' music lies in their ability to weave itself into fine cobweb of Suboticas' peculiarity, in the moment when most of Suboticas' artists are forgetting to think and feel, in the moment when terms business and creativity are so cruelly identified. Finally, Ana Never is the long lost world that we lost at the base of the mountain. Seventeen minutes long homage to Csat Geza is the proof that young people do correspond with this towns' heritage, its essence, and even its one true value.

Writing about beautiful guitar waves of oblivion that washes your consciousness, seismic icebergs of silent power, about rolling thunder of volcanic no reconciliation, about attitude, about wordless wefts, about soundless roar, about dreamless sigh, about death in solitude... is ungrateful.

Eventually, value of this kind of art, like Ana Nevers' music, will be understood and accepted far beyond the walls that surround us, just as the quasi-genres forts of post rock are too narrow for their music.

Humble album sleeve, familiar images from subconsciousness and memories, and altogether DIY idea, are the highway of thought and action that these people so nicely tried to bring closer to us. Inner emigration has never been louder, this town never had a better band, and if you don't get that, you will never catch a tram to Transcendent or Metafisiq.

CALEIDOSCOOP / Jan Willem Broek

After Portugal, Russia, and England, the sublime label Fluttery arrived in Serbia. Hardly recovered from previous releases, the next trip starts already. Since 2002, the three gentlemen Srdjan Terzin (guitar), Dejan Topic (guitar) and Goran Grubisic (drums) form the group Ana Never, and since then Ivana Primorac (bass) and third guitar player Ivan Ckonjevic joined. Like two previous label mates, they now have released a self titled EP. The label EP is as in case of the related Godspeed You! Black Emperor debatable, because the 3 tracks together last almost 51 minutes. Anyway, the three gentlemen create quite an impressive and epic sound. Like the aforementioned band, they calmly build up their soundscapes in which they put their shared fears born from post-war Serbia, emotions, and ideas, in an intimate and very melancholic way to music. This is complemented with sampled voices and experiments like those you can find with Set Fire To Flames. Loss, suffering, and loneliness experienced in their daily lives makes this music sound honest, moving, and touching. In that sense they are ahead of their great example. The music works on one's imagination and gets under one's skin. For everyone who like Godspeed, and even for those who are bored by that band, this is absolutely recommended! An astoundingly emotional and breathtaking trip.


The album opens with more than 24-minute long Streetlights, which fully justified might give the impression that musicians from Serbia re-created the products of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Listen yourself.

BABYBLAUE / Siggy Zielinski 

Music as a chronicle of a difficult life. Members of Serb Ana Never live in a town called Subotica and understand their language provided with scattered scraps of moody post-rock as a mirror of their soul, as a way to process their miserable fate. "Street Lights" could be understood as a diary page, whose moods travel among depression, hope and happiness. The arrangements for electric guitars, bass and drums are out of spartan, but can Ana Never create atmospheric soundscapes, post-rock with a suggestive psychedelic list.


If instrumental bands are your thing, then prepare yourself for the next few paragraphs. Today, I bring you Ana Never a band who comes from Serbia, and brings with them a mix of tunes that are quite interesting to listen to, and can also make you wonder, “What the heck?”

Personally, this music makes me feel like I’m on a voyage through space. When I close my eyes and listen to “The Diary of a Morphinist” I can picture myself in a rocket ship soaring through the atmosphere. This is awesome if you’re trying to take an imaginative journey through space, but for everyday listeners it can be a bit too much. 

Overall, the musicianship and skill shown off on this record are quite good. The place where this band falters is actually in the music itself.

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