More Oxygen, I Said…

2007 EP re-issued on 21 May 2011
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Track List / Full Previews

1 - More Oxygen, I Said...
2 - Mooncake
3 - Rain In The Ashtray
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About The Album  

Mooncake is a Russian post-rock band founded in Moscow early 2006. Since then Mooncake has been permanently performing at top Moscow clubs and festivals, toured Russia and Ukraine, shared stage with such bands as God is an Astronaut, Explosions in the sky, Caspian, Russian circles and finally became the leader of Russian instrumental and post-rock music scene. In five years time the band released three EPs and one full length album, which were warmly welcomed both by listeners and critics all over the world.

More Oxygen, I Said… is Mooncake’s debut three songs’ EP, released in 2007. - the largest resource on instrumental music – highly graded the band’s first effort: “Despite being a delicious Chinese pastry, Mooncake is also one of the most promising sounds coming out of Russia these days. "Rain in the Ashtray," taken from the band's debut single, More Oxygen, I Said..., paints a marvelous picture of this quartet's future.<…> Amazingly, in a six minute time span, Mooncake is able to pack that complete, epic sound that should have required at least twice as long to develop properly. With such a promising glimpse of what Mooncake has to offer, our appetites are set for a larger release from this up-and-coming act.”

Mooncake is sometimes compared to Pink Floyd or Mogwai but the band has made a name for itself having developed its own style and became quiet popular among connoisseurs of genre both home and abroad. Catchy melodies, atmosphere, the ideal balance between rapture and grief: all this has always been Mooncake's distinctive feature.




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