A Waltz With The Seventh Crane

Release Date: 01 December 2011
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1 - You Gave Me Butterflies, I Gave You Loss
2 - The Spirit
3 - Sunlight
4 - A Waltz With The Seventh Crane
5 - Blue (Ascension)
6 - We Are But Divers In The Ember
7 - The Light
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About The Album  

Sleepstream’s debut album “A Waltz with the Seventh Crane”. Powering from their post-rock, experimental, ambient and progressive influences, the band comes to testify there is more happening in Greece than a crisis.

When nostalgia meets with everyday life, when you feel that you don't belong to the reality around you, and crave for the little things to give you a glimpse of joy, then it is created the time and space capsule that gives you ways out for the soul.

This is when the "A waltz with the Seventh Crane" album comes along. The deeply melancholic and warm rythmic parts, give space to the guitars to move all around, like melodic night flies lured by the dim light of the haunted violin's strings.

Their only purpose is to find their way to the Light, where they fire up, bursting to a huge explosion of melodies, as they waltz along with the seventh crane, the capsule traveling them with the speed of light, where those who meet the end of this journey find their rest, and prepare for their new adventures.

It is "Sleepstream", who by their debut album, find a space between post-rock, classical and progressive influences, to unfold with honesty and simplicity their aspect of "the mood and soul in music", taking the listener aboard in the restless band's search for ascension.




Migrate Music News / Matthew Dickson

“A Waltz With The Seventh Crane” is epic in every sense of the word. This album should be in every post rock lovers collection. The opening track “You Gave Me Butterflies, I Gave You Loss” really tugs on the emotional level with the timely use of the violin. Absolutely beautiful. But for us to pinpoint which song we enjoyed the most, is damn near impossible. Every track is great in its own way.Sleepstream has one amazing set of work with “A Waltz With The Seventh Crane.”


Against The Odds / Chris Antonoff

Lately I've been into post-rock music and even skipped a few hardcore shows in favor of some post-rock concerts. My growing interest in that particular kind of music is because of couple of reasons. Mainly because I grew tired of the same hardcore bands that play every month. Also I wanted to hear some new sounds and discover new bands. Last but not least the appearance of Post-Rock Bulgaria made all this possible. Thanks to those guys and Max (of Mental Architects) I saw some really great bands from the UK, Central and Eastern Europe. That naturally increased my curiosity about a genre a knew so little about. Eventually that also led to me writing a little bit more abut this music in my blog. That was followed by my discovery of a small indie label named Fluttery Records (or vice versa) specializing in post-rock, experimental and ambient music. Of course I did a little feature about one of their bands A Journey Down The Well. The interesting thing about those guys was that they picked some Eastern European bands alongside some western ones. Here's this greek post-rock band that next month will release it's debut album on Fluttery Records.

The band's called Sleepstream and so far they've released only one song on the internet - the epically long "A Waltz With The Seventh Crane" which is really good track. Less heavy than some post-rock outfits but nevertheless intense and powerful. There's also a darker side to it. I'm sure the band will appeal to all those who're into that kind of music. Funny thing is that the band will support Midas Fall and Tides From Nebula! a day after two bands perform here in Sofia on the 19th of November. There's still many questions about the greeks but hopefully when they release their debut album I'd get much insight on their music. It would be really great if these guys can come up here for a show with let's say Mental Architects.


Captain Of Lies

Sleepstream are a quintet from Greece who formed back in 2008. After several different complications and line up changes the band have finally pulled together and released their debut LP this year on Fluttery records, a label that predominantly focuses on ambient/experimental/post rock artists. Whilst post rock is a fairly saturated scene that seems to continually be expanding with new acts springing up from all over the world Sleepstream are actually quite unique. The main aspect of their sound that seperates these greeks from the herd of faceless nameless clones is their uncanny ability to mix the ambient serene aspects of post rock with more hard hitting prog rock.

Whilst many post rock bands continually strive to create grand epics worthy of Sigur Ros Sleepstream steer themselves away from the constant overuse of reverb and tremolo picking that has become common place. Whilst these factors are still undeniably within their music the band seem less inclined to focus on pure ambience and sometimes classical chugging rock guitars intersperse themselves in amongst the airy melodies. Whilst this seems like such a simple thing to do it really works well here with giving most of the album a sombre yet occasionally visceral tone similar to Swedish gothic metal masters Katatonia. The imagery is bleak and the two tracks with singing are fairly gloomy affairs and throughout the record extra depth is added with dramatic flourishes of violins. The standard practices of post rock at times seem a million miles away and whilst the record could do with more singing in my opinion the instrumentals normally have enough punch and personality to avoid falling on deaf ears. The mixture of soft melodic passages and more frenetic riffing makes the album have a more directed feel rather than just a mix of random melodies and the overall flow is very pleasing. Highlights include the powerful "The Spirit" and title track "A Waltz With The Seventh Crane" both of which ebb and flow building to some powerful guitarwork and simple yet sombre violins that really tugs at the heartstrings. The only downside to the whole album is the lack of vocals which only make a brief appearance on a couple of tracks which could serve to give the band a slightly more unique sound and identity.

Overall A Waltz With The Seventh Crane is a powerful debut effort. Whilst it may not be a perfect record and may sometimes feel a little ambiguous it still an interesting listen for the most part and definitely worth giving a spin or two. Recommended.



Don’t look so gloomy. Cheer up! Everything will be fine in the end. And even if not, there’ll still be the comfort of you having the better weather than us. Good news from Greece: No, nothing about the euro zone, not the finger but postrockers Sleepstream from Thessaloniki and their debut „A Waltz With The Seventh Crane“. The album was recently released via Fluttery Records. There you can also stream the album of Steven (guitar, vocals?), Nio (drums), John (bass), Stratos (violin) and Gus (guitar). Musically Sleeptream are offering the known mix of post-rock, experimental, ambient and progressive influences. And even if the wheel may not be reinvented in this case, I like the music of these greeks very much and find moments for eternity in it.

Postrock, in all its varieties, is simply much more sophisticated than common Pop or Rockmusic. A Waltz With The Seventh Crane is an epic, spacious variant in the Postrock universe. The opener „You Gave Me Butterflies, I Gave You Loss“ is merely nothing but big popcorn cinema and the band is able to give their music a personal touch through their progressive approach. Recommendable!

Translated by Matthias Brinkmann

Even though the city of Thessaloniki maintains a considerable group of Post Rock fans, it doesn't have a tradition of local bands or releases. The above was easily understood by watching the concert scene, when the Post Rock events are always supported by bands from other cities. Even though I am delighted with the progress of the domestic scene, I feel a bitterness about the lack of a representative of our city.

The change came at this year’s recent appearance of Tides From Nebula and Midas Fall, where we saw with surprise a new band in their first live performance. Unlike most Greek Post Rock bands , those guys seemed to be well prepared with mature compositions fitting well together. From what it seems, to their credit, Sleepstream , with an unprecedented professionalism, showed great dedication in the recording of their album, and instead of being consumed in moderate occasional live appearances they presented themselves when they really had something to offer.
So we arrive at “A Waltz With The Seventh Crane”, the debut album of Sleepstream, which even though It “appeared” just in time for 2011, it is easily considered as one of this year’s best releases. Pure Post_Rock, mostly based on warm melodies , capable of leading to mixed feelings of joy and sorrow to the listener. Scattered influences from progressive bands remain well hidden in the depths created by a rich sound. All arranged with care and detail. The violin, vocals on “Sunlight” and “Blue(Ascension)”, and mostly the compositions themselves are the ones who win the game. Sleepstream playing is not simplistic. It is as simple as they want it to be in order to create a beautiful, atmospheric music, full of emotion. All tracks are filled with the same traveling mood that succeeds in bringing images to your mind.

In conclusion, we could say that this is one of the greatest Post Rock moments of the year. An album capable of advertise the domestic scene aboard. Of course Sleepstream are still in early stages, although future looks bright both for them and for the “Waltz With The Seventh Crane”

It is already about 2 A.M and having as allies a stormy weather and some last moment’s elusive thoughts ,I find myself in front of something spectacular. Keeping my eyes closed ,I can feel the magic floating in the room. This …aura is made of sounds and images , of melodies and messages .The name of it…Sleepstrteam.

The debut album of Sleepstream “A Waltz With The Seventh Crane” (Fluttery Records )with its…ethereal cover, is a TOP Post_Rock proposition for this winter and of course one of the most complete releases of the genre for the year 2011.

The boundaries of Sleepstream’s music are lost between emotions and notes. One who listens to the album “A Waltz With The Seventh Crane” shall find himself facing his very existence , traveling though melodies with a beginning a middle ,and a subjective ending with meanings that are driven by the listeners inner mood.

The extremely professional production combined with the exceptional compositions, are the strengths of this album. The lack of vocals in most of the album leaves no doubt about the result, since each one of the members manage to gain the attention befitting through his music. The dual guitars succeed each other in a clean or more distorted pattern while the Shoegazing elements are not absent and the bass and drums are in complete harmony throughout the course of the album! At this point it is worthwhile to highlight the existence of the violin, which apart from creating a whole new atmosphere, it also contributes to the ….classicism that one by one the songs exude.

Sleepstream with their album “A Waltz With The Seventh Crane” accomplish in less than an hour, to travel the listener through conflicting feelings, outlining the journey of each soul separately , from the loss of hope (You Gave Me Butterflies, I Gave You Loss) to the promising Light (The Light).

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