They Flew In Censored Skies

Release Date: 07 March 2014
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Track List / Full Previews

1. Pre-flight
2. The Sail of Mary Celeste
3. They Flew in Censored Skies
4. Cirrus Formed Antennae
5. The Nacre Top of The Sky
6. Chemtrail Borders I
7. Chemtrail Borders II
8. Lucy’s Dream’s An Overdose
9. Cycle 24
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About The Album  

Sleepstream released their debut album "A Waltz With The Seventh Crane" on Fluttery Records in 2011. The album was welcomed by post-rock / post-metal listeners from all over the world. Its deeply melancholic and warm rhythmic parts created the space for the heavy guitars to move between the violin & cello.

The band headlined shows throughout Greece, played a show in Bulgaria and supported events with Crippled Black Phoenix, Long Distance Calling, Tides from Nebula, Mental Architects and Midas Fall to name a few.

Then came the new album. As Steven from the band says ‘They Flew in Censored Skies’ is an extremely great accomplishment for the band. Following the acceptance of ‘A Waltz With The Seventh Crane’, Sleepstream felt they had, not only to write some new material, but to progress and show the world they’re here to stay!"

Sleepstream’s mindset for this album was to “capture” their live sound with their full-scale dynamics and give the listener the best possible perception of the energy their compositions have.

“We think this album is a natural progression for the band, its just feels right. The music grows with us because in many ways, we are the music. We think that especially listeners familiar with our first album will appreciate the heart and soul we put into it and enjoy the edge we tried to put forward,” says Nio, drummer for the band. It seems that the album will satisfy the listeners of post-metal and post-rock genre who thinks that atmosphere is important.

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