La Gran Perdida de Energia
The Other Continent

Release Date: 14 February 2015
© 2015 Fluttery Records

Digital only release

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Track List / Full Previews

1 - Ballena del Caribe
2 - De los que viven bajo el agua
3 - Do!
4 - Asia

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About The Album  

"The other continent" is the new Ep La Gran Pérdida de Energía, that contains a new song called "Ballena del Caribe" and three reversals titled album "La Gran Pérdida de Energía" . The EP was recorded live in session format and audiovisual registo with new members , Ignacio in Bass and Axel in Drums.

The song that opens the album (Ballena del Caribe) is musically pave the way for new works, perhaps incorporating tropical resources , cheerful guitars,drums and bass uniforms and compelling to try to achieve a shift in terms of previous work.




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