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Matt Geary is an American guitarist born in 1992 and raised in the working class suburbs of Philadelphia who blends ambience, folk and post-rock. Is his music an attempt to make sense of it all? Or is it a way to bring a momentary period of order to the teeming things? Whatever it may be, solace and warmth can be found in his music in the midst of uncertainty and chaos which we all experience from time to time. Geary draws inspiration from Raga and classical pieces with the goal in mind of making pieces that sound different but provide the listener with the same amount of depth and emotion offered in classical and raga works. Geary’s attempts are best displayed in his debut release “The Silent Watcher, the Mountain is Woe.”

Geary’s music best illustrates the struggle an individual might have in coping with reality and hardships in the life. Fortunately the ability of an individual to overcome hardship can also be heard in his pieces. It can be argued his music is of a scrupulous nature. Geary’s hope in creating this music is to provide the listener with a sense of peace, and if not peace, acceptance. It is music for rising above. It is the sound of acceptance.

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The Silent Watcher, the Mountain is Woe
Release Date: 12 June 2015
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