KRAPP is a musical collabration between Naxoprod label (in France) owner Kevin Brosse and Olga Svobodova.

Imagine your kitchen plenty of ingredients, but all recipes you’ve tried are boring and you want to taste something new. Krapp's songs are results of this culinary-chemical experimentation. You can hear bits and pieces reminding jazz, rock, electro, pop, classical music. But the idea was not to fit in a category, but to explore, to experiment with sounds and create an original musical universe. Krapp enjoys using non binary rhythms and dissonant melodies. Drums are replaced by the chirping of crickets, or the crack of opening a can of coke. There is no limit in this sense in the music of Krapp. Lyrics can remind surrealist modern tales or non-sense jokes. All is fine as long as the word suits the music and evokes different meanings and feelings.Kevin Brosse (alias Mr K. ,bassist, lyricist and singer in many bands as ENGINe, Krabben in Lake, Out of Focus...) and Olga Svobodova (singer and saxophonist in Zel Wel, Strvfkjrb Beitobovitsch and Olgoj Korkoj) work on Krapp since 2008, sometimes helped by Naxoprods' musicians such as Cédric Bouvet (sax from heraclite), Elodie Nicolas (multi-instrumentalist and fine artist), Florent Garnaud (guitar from Flying Penguins and wateringcan) who performed on the album.

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A Void On A Cradle
Release Date: 21 June 2011
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