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Based in the north coast of Spain, in a small village by the sea, Lucho González Suárez, who records as Lucho Ripley, deals in glistening tones and shimmering reverb cascading around dreamy melodies and majestic arpeggios. He started to record music in 2013, without musical education, totally self taught. His music, made only with guitars, is a melting pot of post-rock, dreampop, ambient and classical music, but the final work can’t be defined by any of these genres separately.

Mostly influenced by films and open spaces, there is wonderful purity and profound serenity to Lucho’s sound, but is the study of deep feelings what underlies his songs. He has been recorded just for a few years but nowadays is a tireless creator of music.

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Lucho Ripley
Release Date: 15 April 2016
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