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Max Lilja, known as one of the most versatile and adventurous cellist of all times, is a Finnish cellist and composer. Max Lilja is also co-founder of legendary Apocalyptica and touring member of Tarja Turunen band.

Lilja showed prodigious ability from his earliest childhood. At the age of five, when other children started to recognize colours and shapes of letter in alphabet, he became highly attentive to melodies created by playing his first violin. Two years later, he switched to cello, which had stayed his life passion ever since and he was accepted to the Junior Academy of Sibelius Academy when he was ten.

After years of studying and playing in various symphony orchestras, in 1996, Apocalyptica was created with Max (being only 21 years old) as one of the founders. In the following years, the band released three albums (Plays Metallica By Four Cellos in 1996, Inquisition Symphony in 1998 and Cult in 2000).

After leaving Apocalyptica in early 2000s, it seems Max unveiled his full potential - besides being a cellist in Finnish National Opera Orchestra, he became member of a multi genre metal band Hevein and a Finnish folk-pop band Tekijä Tuntematon, whose music is based on Finnish poetry.

In 2007, after initial ideas of solo album and searching for “the sound” of electrified cello, he started touring and recording with former Nightwish vocalist Tarja Turunen. Eventually, in 2013, his first solo album was released.

In 2014, Lilja signed to Fluttery Records where he is proudly hosted among other creative instrumentalists.

“Yes, the album speaks in many different magnificent tongues and each voice is a polite conversationalist who waits patiently before unravelling their separate secrets.” (The Sound Of Confusion)

“Lilja has created something beautiful...” (Victim Of Sound)

“Max managed to introduce us in a totally new and innovative sound!” (Burst Magazine)

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Max Lilja
Release Date: 10 April 2015
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