Phoenix and the Turtle

Phoenix and the Turtle are from California, USA. The fusion of instrumental rock and classical strings, while incorporating sparse vocals, lends to the uniqueness of the quartet’s sound. Inland Empire Weekly describes their music as “delicately weaves an intricate aural web of haunting melody and ambiance served up on an epic scale.” Also their music is called “a somber journey through perfectly aligned trees, gaping wounds and haunted gardens.”

The band was formed in 2003 as a collaboration for a friend’s funeral. The debut album, Sundays are a Good Day for Relaxing was created shortly after in 2004. After expanding to a greater audience, Phoenix and the Turtle released their second critically acclaimed full-length, Asleep in America. They have been signed to Fluttery Records since 2009. In their new release from the label, Swallow Up the Moon (EP), Phoenix and the Turtle are prepared to break down more walls with more sonically sound foundations and compositions.

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Phoenix and the Turtle
Swallow Up the Moon
Release Date: 12 February 2010 read the info & buy

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