Bosques De Mi Mente – Es Una Nube, No Hay Duda


Track List

1. Un comienzo
2. Es una nube, no hay duda
3. Aquel lugar al que solíamos ir
4. Sigo recordando cosas que todavía no han ocurrido

Bosques De Mi Mente - Es Una Nube, No Hay Duda

Bosques De Mi Mente's music has been used frequently in films and stage plays, receiving several awards for best soundtrack. His music has the ability to express melancholy and happiness at the same time, painting a landscape of emotions that is unique for every listener.

“Es Una Nube, No Hay Duda” represents an expansion of Bosques De Mi Mente’s sound. Exploring new textures, closer to post-rock and ambient, and with a more guitar-oriented, multi-layered sound, Bosques De Mi Mente offers a new dimension to his beautiful compositions.

Running at just 21 minutes, “Es Una Nube, No Hay Duda” is a short but immersing experience that leaves the listening earning for more. Its melodies are among the most beautiful ever composed by the artist.

Release Date:  September 22, 2016
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