Mathew Roth

Mathew Roth

Mathew Roth is a modern classical music composer from Ithaca, New York. His music is remarkable for minimalist piano with sweeping violin and cello. The music creates an atmosphere of calm delight, with a soft edge of melancholy.

Rooted well into the Earth, the music of Mathew Roth is deeply moving and emotional, while evoking a subtle and profound sense of serenity. The music is an attempt to convey the feeling of immersion into the natural world, using classical instruments with a modern style.

Mathew’s musical career truly began behind a drum set. He played the drums for close to 15 years, playing out around town and touring with metal acts such as Crossing The Event Horizon, Carcinomic, and They Found Her in Pieces. During these years he also taught himself to play guitar and began dabbling in composing minimalistic folk music. In 2011 he sold his drums, put the guitar in the closet, and entered into a different lifestyle; one of inward focus and meditation. After a musical hiatus of nearly two years, he discovered his love of piano in 2013 upon finding an old electronic keyboard from his childhood. On this keyboard “Tiger Lilly” was written. The kick-start to what happened next was on behalf of the kindness of Mathew’s great uncle, Harold, who, after talking with Mathew about his interest in the piano, bequeathed to him his wife’s piano; a Kranich and Bach upright console. The next year was spent in an intensive retreat into music, where Mathew wrote, practiced, recorded, and produced the album “Immersion”, on this very special piano, which was released in the summer of 2014. Harold was able to hear the finished version of the album, before passing away the next year.

After this Mathew embarked upon a 6 week journey with his aunt, Cathryn Smith, to walk the Camino de Santiago, a 500 mile trek across Spain. He describes this as a very transformative event in his life and incorporates much of what he experienced into the current musical projects he is working on. You can easily pick up on this with Mathew’s more recent compositions in the walking tempo of the pieces and the frequent and repetitive motif’s that echo the slow, steady, and simplistic lifestyle on the Camino.

No more than three weeks after returning from this trip Mathew moved from Virginia to Ithaca, NY, where he now resides, composes, and performs. His frequent live shows are an eclectic blend of the many ways a piano can change the atmosphere of a room. He is a resident artist playing regularly at two locations in Ithaca, NY where he plays improvised solo piano, and schedules formal concerts with strings accompaniments as often as possible in the surrounding area. He is also studying piano technology and plays percussion and violin in the Ithaca Community Orchestra.