03 Nov 2017

Dan Caine says “Solace” is place of rest for a weary soul

Dan Caine comes with his third release on Fluttery Records. He is an ambient / post-rock musician from Merseyside, England now living in Los Angeles, California.

With its wandering, melancholic melodies, Dan Caine’s “Solace” provides a soundscape to get lost in while searching for inspiration, or a place of rest for a weary soul. His most emotive album to date, Solace proves unafraid to plunge the deepest depths of despair, yet never fails to add a note of hope in each track for a brighter future, leaving listeners feeling both introspective and energised.

A perfect album to compliment solitary days, meditative moments, and cerebral activities.The fourth track, “Forsaken”, features guitar work from musicformessier, the music project of Csarnogurszky István from Hungary.

The album, recorded in early 2016 and comprised of ten beautifully crafted songs, takes the listener on a deep, personal journey, punctuated throughout by transcendental moments. Dan Caine’s unique, expressive guitar playing creates profound, lucid imagery that turns moments of loneliness and melancholy into an eternity of peace and serenity.

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27 Oct 2017

Electronic face of We Deserve This: Tearing

We are happy to announce a new EP by We Deserve This: Tearing.

This is his fifth release on Fluttery Records and it’s kind of strange how his sounds expand from one release to another. The EP contains 4 new songs which are played, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jan-Dirk Platek in his hometown Velbert in Germany.

We Deserve This is known for a prolific release schedule and it’s safe to say that “Tearing“ is Jan-Dirk Platek’s most ambitious work. Beautiful piano textures under layers of ambient soundscapes. He produced an outstanding mixture of ambient, modern classical, electronic music / downtempo and post-rock. The melancholic feeling is still here but this time, We Deserve This is going a step further in the experimental electronic scene.

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08 Sep 2017

Monochromie – Behind Black Clouds


Track List

1. Vertiges Part 1
2. L’envolée
3. We Are Not Afraid (Sometimes a Rainbow)
4. Fade Away
5. Distance
6. Interlude
7. Heart Beat
8. Hawks (Happiness Version)
9. Polyhymnia
10. The Lost Victory
11. Noise
12. Ethereal Lights
13. Vertiges Part 2

Monochromie - Behind Black Clouds

Monochromie is a musical project of Wilson Trouvé. His music is emerging from many melting spots on borders of ambient, noise and post-rock; thus every song created is a pure original with the resonance of a particular atmosphere. Dark or luminous, hot or cold, wind or earth - attentive ear will detect them all. Sigur Ros, Pan American, Explosions in the Sky, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Thee Silver Mt Zion, Brian Eno, Ryuichi Sakamoto & Alva Noto or Frederic Chopin, Erik Satie and the sonatas or impromptus of Franz Schubert are among the many influences of the artist.

In 2012, he released his debut "Angels And Demons" on Fluttery Records and received the most flattering reviews. A year later, his second release "Enlighten Yourself While You Sleep" clearly contrasted with his previous piece, what only proved artists skilfulness and versatility. Between the first album releases and his latest piece, which we are going to present to you shortly, Wilson was not neglecting his career and self-released two EP, "Winter" in 2014 and "Brussel-Zuid" in 2015.

Today, he is coming with his brand new album "Behind Black Clouds". Who could introduce his art better than the composer himself?

"After a full year of composition, I am excited to finally present my fourth album: Behind Black Clouds. Like in the past, the process was erratic. Some tracks I could start and complete within a single day. Other took me weeks, even months, to come maturity. I try to keep the ear on the ground of my emotions, my mood and feelings. The time has to be right." says Wilson.

Album's core instrument is a piano. Even though most of his album was composed in his studio in Marseille, the piano types varies according to a place Wilson was in. Piano recordings together with samples taken from the street and with melodies, basic music editing effects and other instruments like metallophone or melodica created wonderful music carrying the right expression achieved through balance in artist's creative process.

Wilson further says: "Of course, the visual artist that I am influences the way I perceive and use sound. I literally view it as a palpable texture, one that can be sculpted, modeled, blended and bended in various forms. This also reflects on the way my music tells specific stories. It is no different than clay, dust, paper, colors, paint or inks. Eventually, I want the music that I create to become a collection of paintings, series of shots and screens made of all the many layers that I patiently add along months of creation. Until the balance becomes right. I feel they become landscapes, clouds, shades and lights."

Monochromie invites atmospheric electronic music fans to blissful listening session one more time.

Release Date:  April 24, 2015
© Fluttery Records

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08 Sep 2017

Heinali – A Wave Crashes


Track List

1. A Wave Crashes I
2. A Wave Crashes II
3. A Wave Crasges III
4. A Cloud Withdrew From A Sky

Heinali - A Wave Crashes

Heinali is a project by a music composer and a sound artist from Ukraine, Oleg Shpudeiko. Oleg is a self-taught artist, who started to compose in 2003 and even though his music style can be defined as stylistically eclectic, many of his compositions are electroacoustic and often incorporate sound processing methods and techniques. He became a part of Solama art group and started to compose music for installations and performances.

Heinali’s live shows usually feature free electroacoustic improvisations. Oleg also works as a music composer, writing music for films, games and other media.

The upcoming album by Heinali, "A Wave Crashes" consists of material recorded during electroacoustic studio improvisations incorporating analogue synthesizers and analogue and digital sound processing. It’s a kind of a sound sculpture of a certain moment almost frozen in time, letting you experience it from the different angles of space.

The EP mastered by Lawrence English, while album photography credits goes to Alex Naselenko.

Release Date:  March 15, 2015
© Fluttery Records

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08 Sep 2017

Inner Trip – Moments Of No Time


Track List

1. The Art Of Universe
2. I Was There Like a Butterfly
3. Night And Trees
4. Sounds Of Nature
5. Visions Come To Us
6. Demoiselle's Tea Party
7. Walking Across The Colors

Inner Trip - Moments Of No Time

Inner Trip from Iran comes with his third album, the musical solo project of Saman N (born 1984, graphic artist and musician).The third album of Inner Trip project “Moments of No Time” is a continue on a journey which was started with debut album “Somewhere Near the Pulse” and released by “Fluttery Records” either few years ago.

This album contains seven tracks with seven different atmospheres but under the same genre of electronic music and mostly with down tempo cinematic elements. The title of each song is related to the scene that “Saman N” had in his mind during his musical journey while he was recording the tracks.

One thing that Saman N tries to achieve is making some kind of music to create imaginary images for audiences. That’s why his music floats over different genres from Soundtrack to Trip Hop. He believes making music is like painting maybe you chose just one or two colors for your entire canvass or maybe you decide to use all the colors in your palette for a scene. The most important thing is how art looks like at the end and the way it exposes your inner word. Individuality could be the identity of any type of art.

With “Moments of No Time” once again he has followed his inner voices to depict a new scene raised of the individuality of the artist.

Release Date: May 08, 2017
© Fluttery Records

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06 Sep 2017

AL_X – Shunt


Track List

1. Stromness
2. Too Late, Too Far
3. Takk (En Sens)
4. Into The Trees
5. Shunt (Part I)
6. Faux
7. Klomino
8. Interlude One
9. Colder
10. Screaming Across The Sky
11. Theme From Fractal
12. Who Now? When Now?
13. Shunt (Part II)
14. Blindness
15. Strond
16. Back Into The Trees
17. (I Was) Supreme
18. Stromness Returns
19. Ghosted
20. Interlude Two
21. Striking Thirteen
22. Bain

AL_X - Shunt

Liverpool electronic music artist Al_X (Alex Dunford) returns with a new 22 track album, ‘Shunt’. A less ‘song’ oriented album that his debut release, but it sees him move into a more comfortable soundtrack based genre.

The album started life as a small 4 track EP, but over the last year, grew to a huge 70 minute soundtrack to Al_X’s dreams and nightmares. “I always have trouble sleeping, and when I do, I have very vivid dreams and nightmares, and they stay with me for a few days. The subject seems to be quite dark or deals with large spaces, so I can try and work with what I can remember, and attempt to put that into music with various instruments and textures”, Alex states. “It’s a concept album, I suppose, but a very close one at that”, he adds.

Recorded towards the end of 2012 and most of 2013, utilising large halls, field recordings, analogue equipment, AL_X has produced an album that would grace most soundtracks.

Starting with ambient textures, Al_X takes us on a journey through folk, electronica, ambient, new age, but to name a few, and then back to his signature folk / electronica, to end the album on a rather uplifting tilt, taking us through a lot of emotions along the way.

Shunt once again features collaborations from Jeff Jepson, Dom Kearne and Kirsten Sharp.

Release Date: January 24, 2014
© Fluttery Records

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05 Sep 2017

Inner Trip – Initiate


Track List

1 - Wot 84
2 - Reincarnation
3 - Maya
4 - Consciousness
5 - Deva
6 - The Queen
7 - Third Eye
8 - Beingness
9 - The Waves Of Infinity

Inner Trip - Initiate

Inner Trip' is the solo project of Saman N (born 1984, graphic artist and musician) formed in 2011. Saman lives in Iran. With his debut album "Somewhere Near The Pulse" he has overcome the prejudice and made a good start on his musical journey. The album received good response from listeners & music writers.

Inner Trip continues the journey with his sophomore album. Nine pieces from nine different lands of music make the second album of Inner Trip which entitled "Initiate". In a closer view, the album is based on electronic and ambient atmosphere with some touches of oriental music. Although there are two songs with vocals, "Initiate" is almost an instrumental album.

Saman says "Inner Trip's dough, imagination and dream, have a bold role on my music. Each track has a deal with my inner fantastic world." Initiate might be the right choice to discover what lies beneath.


Beach Sloth

Inner Trip makes a hauntingly sad album with 'Initiate'. No light it is let in through its almost unnerving sense of clam. Much of this is nearly pure ambient. This is atmospheric music at its most intense. The album start with a pinging rhythm before it builds up into an enormous piece. Some of these pieces are extremely minimal. ‘Maya’ barely has a pulse; it lingers as a quiet moody track. On the absolute opposite side of this is the track ‘Reincarnation’ which gets extremely loud (in comparison to the rest of the album). Watch the volume levels on this particular track as it almost shocks with its sheer burst of energy. For me the lower-key songs are fascinating. Overall this is a sad album. The quiet adds to the downbeat mood. It is rather gorgeous in its quietness.

A Closer Listen / James Catchpole

Inner Trip’s personal touch over Initiate sets it apart from other releases; this is his music and his history, opening up as it does a rejuvenating honesty and a quickly established trust between both the artist and the listener. Inner Trip takes a voyage deep within ourselves, as each piece delves deeply inside our own circular thoughts and the immense labyrinth of the mind. The music is designed to kindle our own search for inner peace, and it resounds effectively as the initiation to the process. With Inner Trip taking us by the hand, our deepening meditation is in very safe hands. Safe is a very dangerous word for musicians, yet there is a reassurance of coming back to what we know; we may have been here before, or in a world similar to this somewhere long ago in our past, a place that is vaguely recalled and yet strangely distant on remembering. Whatever thoughts arise from Inner Trip’s music, the imagery may likely be shared by all, as one consciousness. Initiate can change perceptions; it may be that this young musician is the ignition that is so needed.

MRU / Vanessa Baker

Less than a year after Somewhere Near the Pulse, Inner Trip has completed his second album, Initiate. The nine tracks are largely ambient, with a hint of an electronic and modern classical sound thrown in for variety. The Iranian artist, also known for his graphic art as Saman N, admits to taking inspiration from cinematic soundtracks. While the influence is noticeable as the narrative flow and heavy reliance on piano recall a certain familiarity, Inner Trip’s sound goes beyond cliché, exploring a musical identity that is all his own.

He claims to have gone deep inside himself for the production of Initiate, trying to ignore outside influences as much as possible. As a result, the tone of the album is very dreamy and visual, calling to the mind soothing, ethereal images of grand, scenic landscapes from around the globe. Each song comes from a different location, bringing listeners on a journey to far away lands without ever leaving the comfort of their own minds. Two of the tracks feature soft yet strong vocals that perfectly complement the natural instrumental sounds they’re paired with. Whether you’re searching for background music for a romantic dinner or a relaxing bubble bath, or just want something to unwind to, Inner Trip provides the perfect soundtrack. This album really does inspire listeners to take a trip within themselves toward clam and inner peace.

Sound Shock / Calum Robson

Saman’s ambition is evident; to create cloud-destined ambience that never grounds itself until the final note finishes. And he succeeds in keeping the listener anywhere but reality. Inner Trip’s electronic diversity ensures this with a sound made up of strange samplings, symphonic strings, classical choir, psychedelic utterances and even featuring instrumentation from clarinet, mandolin and piano. There are dark vocals on occasion too – the trippy effects, strange beats and punches of psych electronica on ‘Consciousness’ are accompanied by deep vocals steeped in a curiously lulling dread and given an almost spoken word quality. Any fan of Ulver’s experimental exploits will appreciate the ambient electronics of the project and it’s surely only a matter of time before this talented musician is appreciated on a wider scale. Assume relaxed position on the recliner chair, burn the incense, initiate ‘Initiate’, lock your eyes shut and begin.

Caleidoscoop / Jan Willem Broek

The Fluttery Records steadily continue delivering great music from around the world, mostly in the postrock corner. 28 year old Saman N., a musician and graphic designer from Iran (Tehran), who makes electronic music with his musical vehicle Inner Trip. His goal here is giving you a new imaginary soundtrack. Last year, he made his debut with his wonderful CD Somewhere Near The Pulse containing his extraordinarily original compositions in which crossovers of neoclassical, ambient, electronica and trip come together. In his new album Initiate, the neoclassical splendor with breathtaking (electronic) orchestrations here is beautifully complemented by the glitchy electronics, piano parts, gently pulsating beats, field recordings, dark vocals and beautiful samples of soprano and chorus. The music goes regularly to the bone, very beautiful. Breathtaking, isolationist music where you imagine yourself on wintry landscapes full of beautiful, moving images.

You get the cinematic music of Phylr, the chilling music of the dark and Heinali, postrock of Labradford (just listen to "Consciousness"). There are also influences from Massive Attack, Gargle, Olan Mill, Craig Armstrong, Clint Mansell and Pleq found in this intimate music. Saman creates a mysterious magical reality that you just totally go dreaming. An overwhelming sequel to the already strong debut. Grand!

Release Date: September 17, 2012
© Fluttery Records

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01 Sep 2017



Track List

1 - Intro
2 - Here Before
3 - Bloom
4 - Lose You
5 - L.A.G
6 - Prize
7 - What Is To Be Done
8 - Failed
9 - Roadkill
10 - Righteous Path
11 - Honey Trap
12 - If I Did
13 - Hymn For Moya /If There Is A Light


"Writer, electronic music producer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist and serial collaborator Alex Dunford has, after a long and tortuous gestation period, finally released a masterful album of exquisite, reverberant melancholy, full of keen, persistent melodies and darkly sculpted, piano-driven soundscapes under the name of Al_X.

With the aid of co-writers and vocalists (Jeff Jepson, Dom Veron, Kate Smith), themselves coming from worlds more akin to folk/blues/jazz/other, the album brings together vintage drum machines and synths, toy instruments, strings and string loops, acoustic guitars, Reverbs, Delays, and miscellaneous tools from Alex's menagerie of gear into a seamless and cinematic whole. The album is reminiscent of Brian Eno, Sigur Ros, Depeche Mode, Radiohead and Recoil. With these influences in mind, Alex takes us on journey through his tastes, his mind, and his favorite instruments in this collection of cinematic pieces and soundscape driven songs".


Evil Sponge

The record kicks off appropriate enough with Intro, a nice ambient upswell to start the album. Then he launches into it with Here Before the centerpiece of which is a female vocalist, who has a high-pitched girly voice, like Alison Shaw from The Cranes. The music grows until it achieves a nice density, with layers of synths almost swamping her voice, before fading out to an outro of strings. Very lovely.

Bloom takes some mid-tempoed beats and the fast tremoloed guitar from a Lights Out Asia record, and adds in layers of strings and keyboards. There is one point that is gorgeous -- the guitars are whirring so fast they create a faint ambient blur and Dunford adds in a tinkling keyboard bit. Very nice. The general Tortoise-ness carries on in our fourth track, Lose You, which features our second vocalist. I think. It is another female voice, but she sounds a little higher pitched and more human as opposed to that Alison Shaw little girl/pixie squeal. Under this, there are some spacey electro sounds, a deep bass beat, and loud strings. This song gets loud and fun, like Tortoise remixed by late era Underworld.

Overall, i have to say that i enjoy most of this record. It gets a little dull in the middle, and i do wish for some kind of liner notes to explain what the heck was happening with the vocals. However, if you like electro pop, then this is a pretty fine choice.

Sea of Tranquility

AL_X is multi instrumentalist Alex Dunford, from the city of Liverpool England, hometown to many a famous artist. The music AL_X makes on his selftitled debut album can be categorized under Electronic music, influenced by famous electronc bands as we have like Sigur Ros, Depeche Mode and the like.

The music is a combined effort of great synth tones with nasty twists & turns as we also hear drum machines, music loops etc. All the music is composed, produced and all instrumentation played by AleX Dunford.

A bundle of nicely composed soundscapes is brought to the listener and I must say it is really really entertaining to listen to this music. It has an enlightning feel to it, and truly is able to cheer you up when you are having trouble enjoying yourself.

A Nasty Suprise

Fluttery Records is a most appropriate label for one-man-band AL_X, Alex Dunford. On February 10, the writer, producer and all-around instrumentalist from Liverpool released his first LP, and it is certainly fluttery. The self-titled album has a unique ambiance that flutters through your head, droops your eyelids lower, and floats you almost to serenity.

On the surface, “AL_X” is an experimental electronic album; Dunford uses plenty of synthesized sounds and drum machines along with strings and a piano. The tracks vary from heavily industrial, tech tunes to overproduced sonatas.

The tracks that sick to either of those extremes, though worth listening too, are not the strength of “AL_X.” The beauty of the album comes from slowly meshing the harmonies of digitalism with orchestral strings and piano. This is most apparent in the first four tracks.

The song “Intro” would fit seamlessly to the soundtrack of a psychologically thrilling movie – just at the final plot twist. It rises in intensity as the wandering ambiance builds up with more and more layers of repetition.

The third track, “Bloom,” is for the movie’s happy ending. It is the loveliest track we’ve heard this year, and is the highlight of “AL_X.” It is led in by a new wave hum akin to the sounds of M83. It rises and falls throughout the track, much like the whir of Sigur Ros’s “Takk.”

Once Dunford starts adding to the groundwork of “Bloom,” it results in a digital sonata. Bells chime in, piano chords strike, and orchestral strings shout. Dunford scratches a beat around the harmonies making a song you can both groove and cry to at the same time.

The closing track, “Hymn for Moya / If There is a Light,” is as weak a closer as there is. There is a haunting hymn with piano atop that doesn’t go anywhere. It is more of a rambling song that could have been condensed and used as a dividing track on the album.

But that’s what “L.A.G.,” a two-minute piano solo, already does; in the fifth slot, it divides the memorable songs from the forgettable songs.

The latter half of “AL_X” does have two bright spots. The glitch-tune “What is to be Done” and the humbler “Roadkill” are enjoyable.

Release Date:  February 10, 2012
© Fluttery Records

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30 Aug 2017

Music For No Movies – Violent Zen


Track List

1 - Earth Job
2 - Air Games
3 - Space Trees
4 - The Dog and The Downpour
5 - Waterquake
6 - Fire and Sky
7 - Arvo Moon
8 - Wind Wash
9 - Stupid American Elephant Drunk Joy Joke
10 - Glace et Soleil
11 - Gold Snow

Music For No Movies - Violent Zen

Music For No Movies is Federico Fantuz's electro-acoustic / ambient tunes. With his guitar strings and ambient pads he creates a warm cinematic atmosphere. Violent Zen is his 11 piece debut. As the Italian journalist Aurelio Pasini (Il Mucchio Slevaggio, Radio Città del Capo) points out “Not only does Music For No Movies turn the very idea of soundtrack inside-out - it also succeeds in creating experimental yet intriguing and deeply fascinating soundscapes. Very well done indeed.”

Here is what he says about his music:

“My name is Federico Fantuz (Bologna - Italy) and I am a guitar player, or better a musician. Or at least this is what I aim to be. I started playing guitar when I was 12, and carried out scattered studies under the influence of a wide range of music styles. I started on my own and only later on I took a few lessons both for electric and acoustic and classic guitar.

But the most precious sources for my musical growth and development have been the encounters with my fellow musicians. I've always shared my knowledge with them, but most of all I've learnt and tried to learn those vital elements that are never taught in schools: the importance of jamming, of confronting with different instruments, the search of a personal sound that goes beyond the techniques, finding the personal space within an arrangement, listening ceaselessly to the “music continuum” and one’s own personal “voice” within the “chorus”, and last but not least learning from all the mistakes, and in fact use them to create new modes and worlds. For all this and more I thank:

Beatrice Antolini and her band (among which Luca Nicolasi, who helped me thoroughly in my soloist project), Vittorio Carniglia and Nave Cargo Parampampoli, Nicola Barilli and CuldeSac, Sergio Altamura, Antonio Stragapede, Luca Bernard, Tim-Trevor Briscoe, E.L. Quartet, Edgar Cafè, Shiva Bakta, Marcello Petruzzi (33ore), Simone e Luca Cavina, Tubax, Pino Basile and Sergio LaViola, La Fionda Teatro and Jorge Bosso, Loungedelic and Pippo de Palma, Mattia Boschi, Alberto Fiori, Carolina Pintos and Paolo Poggio, Tristan Honsinger, Niccolò D'Ambrosio and Laura Caressa, Mariposa and all the musicians that I have met, even for a short span of time, on my way.

My music path does not have stages, but just passages; it has never followed one single direction, but on the contrary it has met different genres without concentrating on a particular one.I've always tried to mix and match everything that my intuition and experience suggested me on the spot without following any rules .

And after wandering through never ending and spontaneous jam sessions and bands with different music backgrounds, finally I've got here, in this room, from where I am writing now. And right here I composed Music for No Movies. Alone, but with many voices inside.”

Federico Fantuz


Rolling Stone / Paolo Agnoletto

Music for No Movies is a new project by Federico Fantuz, a very talented guitarist that has put together a group of beautiful instrumental songs in search of the right motherhood movie: the aim of the author is in fact to find for each theme a film in which it can fit and hopefully be used. This interesting collection of tunes, inspired by artists such as Brian Eno (in particular “Original Soundtracks 1”, written with U2 under the name Passengers) and Vangelis, international masters when it comes to writing soundtracks and atmospheric songs, is enhanced with a personal and gentle touch that makes this album a genuine and fascinating listen.

"Waterquake" is an exhilarating and haunting track suitable for a great dramatic picture whereas the opener "Air Games" operates in the area of a crepuscular and gently melancholy. Other outstanding songs are the irresistible "Earth Job", adorned with unconventional sounds like chair creaks and coins falls, perfect for a mystery picture, "Wind Wash", particularly fitting for a positive final sequence in a sad drama that ends full of hope, and "Fire and Sky", that only asks to be used in an historical movie, maybe in the Spain of the eighteenth century. The intriguing and obsessive "Arvo Moon" is instead suitable for a sequence in which is described the passage of time: in general the instruments' assemblage is excellent and the arrangement very smooth in order to create a music in which you can pleasantly lose yourself.

To summarize, "Music For No Movies" is an interesting and intriguing piece of work that deserves to be listened to and appreciated: this soft music requires an attentive and aware audience that has to be keen on being cradled by these evocative and imaginative tunes and, hopefully, a film, a sequence, an history in which it can function as soundtrack.

The Silent Ballet / Matt Gilley

An atmospheric, creeping pizzicato. Shadowy eastern melodies. A thin mist of electronics rises from the damp ground, curling around the trees. A snap betrays movement close by. A dog stands and sniffs curiously through the rain. The protagonist warms his hands by the fire. An ominous rumbling shivers through the ground. This is a slow-moving ‘no movie’, unfurling through subtle changes of tone and the hints of track titles. If not for some strange contradictions, Violent Zen's cinematic tale would have been completely exquisite. While most of the titles evoke nature, "Space Trees" suggests sci-fi, and contains an intrusive vocoder. "Stupid American Elephant Drunk Joy Joke" is as comedic as its name. Although these two tracks amount to only a few minutes of running time, they disrupt the narrative. There is also very little evidence of the violent part of Violent Zen. Nevertheless the album is descriptive and accomplished. Next time around Music for No Movies may well become the sound-painters they aspire to be.

Indie Eye / Michele Faggi

Violent Zen is the first full length with the name Music For no Movies, a project by Federico Fantuz, a Bolognese guitarist known for his long artistic co-operation with Beatrice Antolini and a large number of other musicians such as Vittorio Carniglia and Nave Cargo Parampampoli, Nicola Barilli and CuldeSac, Sergio Altamura, E.L. Quartet, Shiva Bakta, Loungedelic and Pippo De Palma, Mariposa, Edgar Cafè, just to name a few. The cd includes 11 instrumental tracks generated, in a way, from a certain landscape intuition that Federico describes with an image of the absence. “Music for dead moments, dead tempos”, acoustic illusions in search of an optical effect. A path that has a lot of the traits of the acousmatic search, at least in that double movement capable to immediately generate sounds disconnected from a phenomenological environment and in fact, both from an inductive and deductive process, able to produce imaginary spaces, mirages, real Doppelgänger. This process is very close to the idea of immaginary soundtracks that we have been loving for a while and that for several reasons encounters part of Bruno Dorella’s music. The structure of Earth Job, the introductory track, brings together all these elements with a time rhythm that seems to be taken from Danny Elfman’s imaginary chronometry, plunged in an amplified phenomenal context.Together with the music of another big illusions weaver, Alessandro Stefana (reviewed here and here on Indie-eye.it), that of Federico Fantuz owns a very rare sensibility, capable to describe a sensorial space that has no function, a place with no hypertrophic images or encyclopedic simulacra and for this a possible visionary.

EtherReal / Fabrice Allard

We follow here the discovery of the label Fluttery Records, generally very anchored in the kind of post-rock. We browse their catalog diagonally, and when a record seems to stand out, we decide to talk about it here. This is the case for Music for no Movies, a solo project by the Italian Federico Fantuz, who signes here his first remarkable album.

The disk begins with Earth Job, which reminds us of something...sounds played backwards, a fractured style, we are not far from the awesome madness of a Leafcutter John. A music which gives the impression of chaos while sliding along melodies both simple and powerful. The instrumentation is not very clear, this first title swarming with various sounds, both acoustic and electronic, while « Air Games » demonstrates simplicity with sounds of acoustic guitar accompanied by layers and crystalline sliding.

Release Date:  April 21, 2011
© Fluttery Records

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