22 May 2014

Liminal Digs gives indie-rock & folk experimental hugs

Liminal Digs, American DuoLiminal Digs is the name of the collaboration between Singer-Songwriter and Vocalist, Mama Crow, and Producer, Daniel Lofredo Rota. The duo brushed hearts at an Oakland coffee shop and soon thereafter began to produce a series of tracks, the first of which, “Unwritten,” was the beginning of their debut EP, “Dragonfly.” Combining Meticulous production and soulful vocals, they traverse the liminal, residing in the boundary between instrumental and electronic, and exploring the limits of the eclectic. Liminal Digs is a fusion of anarchy and control, strength and vulnerability, eloquence and silence. Lofredo’s deep ambience and sonic space is punctuated by the Gutierrez’s delicately fierce lyricism, creating a space where ideas, love, and soul flow freely and dance in spacious atmospheres, like smoke.

Mama Crow – A New York native and East Bay transplant, this self-taught guitarist and soulful songstress evokes listeners on a deep, soul level. Her sound is a mix of rhythmic, funky finger picking and string slapping, guttural blues belts, quick lyrical flow with insidious phrasing. She has an authenticity and realness that will startle you. She cares only about art, creativity and “cawing it like it is” while bringing forth an honest and uplifting message. She expresses herself through many styles from neo-soul, blues, jazz, acoustic, folk-rock, electronica, dub-step, down tempo, hip-hop, dance, poetry. Always singing a mix of all original lyrics and on the spot free style- this original artist leaves a stirring inspiration where ever she goes.

Daniel Lofredo Rota – Born and raised in Quito, Ecuador, Daniel Lofredo Rota moved to California in 2005, and has since resided in the back and forth. His work is fundamentally exploratory, seeking to create environments where ideas can be experienced. His music, poetry, and visual work recurrently visit the abstraction of logic, anarchic control, fluidity and the rigid, emotional reason, with a quixoticism which is only his; a place where apparent opposites express the humanist surface tension upon which expression hinges.

Dragonfly is Liminal Digs’ first release. Its a short EP of collaborative songs which were recorded in a series of 3 hour recording sessions. The album is effusive and emotional, and also sublime and filled with lessons and wisdom. Mama Crow’s lyrics are imbued with a sense of virtue in the face of adversity, and they are carefully woven into a backdrop of spacious atmospheres and meticulous detail. The album is full of light, and is a sort of mantra for a spiritual restoration; a release of past burdens. It rings true and delicate and speaks elegantly to the beautiful adversity that makes life such an incredible and challenging adventure.

Mama Crow and Daniel Lofredo Rota began collaborating in late 2013 after a brief chance meeting at an Oakland coffeeshop. They planned a series of recording sessions, and, after the first 3 hours, had created their first track, “unwritten.” This piece of music is a fusion between Lofredo Rota’s Andean roots, and cinematic tendencies, and Mama Crow’s lyrical versatility, her love of harmonies, and her deep flowing lyrics. The Track is a mantra of hope and recovery and feels like a melancholic bird’s eye view of a past now gone, and would set the tone for the rest of the EP.

A deep genuine melancholy resides in their sound. it evokes the nostalgia and deep emotion of the sensitive soul infused with a sublime love of life, and true appreciation of the beauty of existence. This is at the core of this release. Genuine appreciation, beauty and poetry, space and sound, love. In a display of experimental fusion, acoustronics, Latin-Folk and Haunting Indie-Alternative; this mini-album is an expression of triumph; finding and holding onto self-love in a world which can be very cold at times. This collection of music was created out of pure authenticity and in-the-moment writing. There is nothing contrived here. Dragonfly is profoundly honest compilation that speaks clearly to the soul.

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21 Feb 2012

The Widest Smiling faces releases a new EP called “Rituals”

The Widest Smiling Faces is the musical brainchild of Brooklyn based songwriter Aviv Cohn, combining shoegaze, folk, and ambient post-rock in “Rituals”

The Widest Smiling Faces is the project of Brooklyn-based songwriter Aviv Cohn, combining indie, post-rock and shoegaze with significant folk influences. His new EP, “Rituals” is now available on Fluttery Records.

The Widest Smiling Faces self titled debut has garnered positive reviews from music critics around the world, establishing his music as a unique voice. The PostRock Community describes it as “absolutely amazinginsanely beautiful fantastic Lo-Fi record.” Fresh Heirs says “One of the greatest strengths of Cohn’s writing in the Widest Smiling Faces is that his vocals do not always have to carry the melody. He lets the guitar speak on its bed of reverb when necessaryI was immediately enthralled.” The Sirens Sound calls the album “An incredibly good, soft, mellow, entertaining…type of sound that drift(s) from sentimental yearning to swirling motion.”

After attracting the attention of Fluttery Records, his next release, the “Rituals” EP was born.

Rituals sees a shift in Aviv’s music, from acoustic to electric sounds. Warm, colorful tones producing strong sensations and evoking faded images and memories. Aviv says “The recording is a little bit different perhaps, somewhat clearer? It’s really not about the melodies, it’s about the images…”

The EP is highly recommended if you like Slowdive, My Bloody ValentineNeutral Milk Hotel, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Boards of Canada, Jesus and Mary Chain, Beach House, Cocteau Twins, Mazzy Star, Cranes, Neko Case, M83, Asobi Seksu, Galaxie 500.

Fluttery Records is an independent record label focusing on Post-rockAmbientExperimentalElectronicModern Classical music. The EP is available on major music download stores likeItunes, Bandcamp, AmazonMP3, Napster and Rhapsody. The CD can be purchased from the Fluttery Records website. Also, all label releases can be streamed free on the website.

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