14 Feb 2014

A few things to know about Arms Of Tripoli, before listening to their debut album

Do you think you are sexy?

Think twice; Arms Of Tripoli has one of the sexiest guitarist in the world; Jaime Galvez.

Arms Of TripoliThey are from Los Angeles.

But life is not always easy there

And a few more things;

– Band members also play in various LA based bands, including Signal Hill, The Lights From Here, The Half Mantis Group, and Naked in the Dark.

– Their debut EP “All Fallen Embers” received great reviews.

– The  debut album “Dream in Tongues” will be released on February 21, 2014. The album cover & tracklist can be viewed, preview song can be heard, and album can be pre-ordered here.

Bandcamp Digital downloads / CD masters will be have a diffrent master than those downloads on Itunes, Amazon and Spotify. Believe us this not a commercial trick. After the digital distribution, we have far more greater master of the album and Fluttery Records thought that it should be available for our die hard fans.