16 Mar 2018

Sleeping Horses – Water for Air


Track List

1. Disenchantment for Truth
2. Eternities of Light
3. The Frozen Sea Within Us
4. Immortal Until the End
5. Inevitability
6. The Light On the Broken Glass
7. Their Thoughts, Our Cages
8. There Are No Facts, Only Interpretations
9. Water for Air

Sleeping Horses - Water for Air

Hailing from the east coast, Sleeping Horses’ James Randolph Fouty currently records and resides in Portland, Oregon where he records his breathtaking post-rock / ambient tracks. With a past of ambient projects, Sleeping Horses takes a personal approach to the entire process, recording every instrument and even designing all of the artwork.

Sleeping Horses is the newest monicker of ambient wizard James Randolph Fouty (Spirit of Spain,). Having played shows in Iceland and having a number of tracks featured in documentary films and TV Broadcast spots, James was never one to just sit and wait for something to happen. The passion started at a young age with cheap guitars and a 4 track cassette recorder, it even influenced his work life to the extent of taking a job as an evening custodian at the High School he graduated from just to be able to record on the grand piano with his macbook in the late hours, romping through xylophones, chimes, marimbas, and timpani drum lines in an empty high school orchestral room became the groundwork for what would be to come.

They say that the sophomore release can be the hardest, but Sleeping Horses James Fouty makes it seem effortless and delivers the emotion with a passionate drive that expands upon the first album as it picks up almost exactly where the debut left off. Less than a year from the release of his debut, Sleeping Horses has raised the bar with Water for Air.

The Oregon based recording artist took no breaks from songwriting, painstakingly sweating over every tone, arrangement and melody. The passion drips from each measure and overtone as if it were dipped in the deepest and most elaborate feelings possible. Take every sunset you can never forget, every moonlit walk with the heart of a young lover, every time you knew you were in the middle of what would become the most memorable moments of your life, and you might come close to Water for Air. With its lush string arrangements and analogue ambient textures, Water for Air is a collection from a songwriter in his prime, the honesty poured into this LP is evident in every track.

Release Date:  March 23, 2018
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13 Sep 2017

Sleeping Horses – Sleeping Horses


Track List

1. The Flash Of Lightning Behind The Mountain
2. The Gentle Indifference Of The World
3. Ghosts Keep Their Distance
4. And The Past Belongs Only To You
5. A Horizontal Fall
6. La Voix Humaine
7. The Temples Have No Bells, Love Has No Bed
8. The Sun is Big, This Bit of Dust is Small 9. Rarely Has Reality Needed So Much To Be Imagined
10. The Windows Shine In The Black Morning
11. What Horrible Lives They Must Lead
12. Yourself Upon the Stone
13. The Last Refuge of the Incompetent

Sleeping Horses - Sleeping Horses

Hailing from the east coast, Sleeping Horses’ James Randolph Fouty currently records and resides in Portland, Oregon where he records his breathtaking post-rock & ambient tracks. With his roots planted firmly in the ambient genre, analogue textures and reverb saturated guitar swells, Sleeping Horses has gently moved into the realm of post-rock instrumentals. Draped in orchestral strings, timpani booms, and cymbal rushes, he still manages to reference his ambient past.

With the fury of a thousand distant supernovas and the calm of the space that lies between them, Sleeping Horses is always able to capture that exact moment when one dares to blink during a picture or open their eyes during a kiss. Sleeping Horses is a solo orchestra, a boisterous ambient chaos of climactic whispers, the soft winds that slip in and out of his tracks are breathy and effortless.

Release Date:  March 16, 2017
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