19 Feb 2014

Support Post-rock Facebook Page’s IndieGoGo campaign

postrock-facebook-pageA few days ago, Post-Rock Facebook Page announced that they were looking for support for their next project. They have been supporting the post-rock, ambient, experimantal music community for a long time and page is loved by many people on social networks. They said they are now going to build an independent DIY online magazine and music promotion website. You can support them by visiting this page:


Here is their note:

Since late 2008, I have been running the post-rock fan page on Facebook with the occasional help of two friends (https://www.facebook.com/postrock.instrumental). What began as a simple page to share what we like and listen to transformed into a large community with over 75.000 members all around the world. As the page grew and people showed their appreciation of what we do, more and more bands, labels, online magazines, music blogs, and promoters started contacting us to work together. We were of course humbled and did our best to support them by sharing their music and encouraging people to buy their albums, attend their concerts, or show their support in any other way. Almost 800 bands/artists have been featured so far, and in addition to regularly spreading the latest news, interviews, tour dates etc., we have held 21 live Q&A sessions with bands such as If These Trees Could Talk, Sleepmakeswaves, Ef, Lights&Motion, Kwoon, *shels, and Our Ceasing Voice among others.

Over the years, Facebook post-rock page has built up considerable momentum as a key source for post-rock/experimental/instrumental rock community and brought bands and listeners together. Although our current social networking accounts present an invaluable opportunity for us to promote independent music, they at times fall short of addressing some needs.  This is why we decided to move on to another stage and start our promotion website.

Click here to read more and support.

17 Dec 2013

Dunk Festival 2014 line up


Dunk Festival will be held for the 10th time this year, 18 – 19 – 20 April 2014. This year the festival will be in its new place in Zottegem, Belgium. Among the other amazing artists, The Seven Mile Journey will be playing in the festival. The band is working on the new songs for their next album. Today the line up is announced.

    • Alright The Captain (UK)
    • Zero Absolu (FR)
    • Steak Number Eight (BE)
    • Alias Empire (IE)
    • Exxasens (ES)
    • Arms and Sleepers (US)
    • God Is An Astronaut (IE)
    • Indignu (PT)
    • Syberia (ES)
    • UpCDownC (UK)
    • MOTEK (BE)
    • The Seven Mile Journey (DK)
    • Industroika (BE)
    • Sleepmakeswaves (AU)
    • Lymbyc Systym (US)
    • Le Seul Elément (FR)
    • Lost In Kiev (FR)
    • Kerretta (NZ)
    • Aesthesys (RU)
    • The Best Pessimist (RU)
    • This Quiet Army (CAN)
    • EF (SE)
    • Nadja (CAN/DE)

The festival team said “We are only waiting for a few more confirmations which will be added as soon as they confirm. The time schedule can’t be finished before all bands are confirmed. ”

♫ Listen to The Seven Mile Journey’s Notes For Synthesis