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From Mountains are a new 4-piece instrumental post-rock band from Buckinghamshire, UK. With soaring guitars, delicately melodic piano and a driving rhythm section “From Mountains” piece together an emotive cinematic soundscape experience. Drawing in from a wide range of influences “From Mountains” create a sound that can be fragile in one moment and sonically mesmerising & beautifully chaotic the next and all accomplished with what would be considered basic ‘rock & roll’ instruments.

From their pieces one will be delicately soothed in an invigorating manner, due to their amazing use of these instruments. The experience triggers different emotions at different times leaving the listener feeling no less than amazing. Evidently, one might conclude that " From Mountains" are destined to be one of the best Post-Rock bands hailing from Buckinghamshire.

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From Mountains
From Mountains
Release Date: 14 April 2017
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