19 Apr 2019

Runar Blesvik creates pure magic: Sedate

Runar Blesvik has achieved something big in his new album, Sedate. He is a very talented modern classical composer from Norway and what he has created in this album is pure magic.

In his second album, Runar Blesvik continues to merge organic modern classical music with electronic and ambient soundscapes. With more emphasis on analog synthesizers than ever, you will experience a dynamic division between intimate, warm piano pieces and cosmic, dense tracks. This time he achieved something amazing: an album sparkles joy and beauty.

The album explores mature musical ideas and themes, where the music seeks out to enthuse and surprise the listener. It’s also an exploration of human vs. electronic elements and the feelings they provoke, juxtaposing the artificial with the natural, and blurring the line on the way.

Spectral piano chords and wistful melodies contrasted with rigorous electronic soundscapes will guide you through a deeply affecting and diverse experience. Cinematic and evocative music is Runar Blesvik’s forte. At an early age, he felt at home in front of the piano, and has since found his voice in composing. Inspired by the stunning nature of Western Norway where he grew up, his music echoes beautiful and dramatic landscapes.

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12 Apr 2019

Chris Heron’s Sanctuary in Californa

Spring is very beautiful in California and we are coming with an amazing album this April. Chris Heron is a modern classical / instrumental composer from Menifee, California who specializes in piano and orchestral music. What makes his music different is that it focuses heavily on the emotional aspect of a song. A song should provoke feelings, whether that be sadness, happiness, fear or joy.

This is a beautiful instrumental album. Very true to its name, “Sanctuary” provides moments of relaxation, reflection, and a get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As each instrument and note join the chorus of instruments, the songs aim to paint a picture within your mind, allowing you to imagine yourself in a whole new setting.

Since his music focuses on conveying an emotion, each piece is heartfelt. With its ups and downs, twists and turns, Chris’ music does its best to pull on your heartstrings and lead you to a small window into the way he feels. His dream is to be able to continue to express these emotions and feelings and communicate the best way to the world that he can, through his music.

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29 Mar 2019

Listening Among The Scenes “A Score Collection”

Here is another amazing Fluttery Records release.  Born in Tirana, capital city of Albania, Mardit B. Lleshi is a gifted musician who has been composing modern classical / neo-classical music for several movies and his solo projects. The collection score in this album are taken from various movie projects he has composing music for. The musician has been collaborating with various award winning directors over the years.

Listening Among The Scenes is “A Score Collection”. It contains music from various movies Mardit B. Lleshi composed over the years. It also contains two single tracks. It is our time to introduce this gifted artist to our label fan base.

Music shows us paths to find the truth of our inner world. Nothing like music can reveal deepness of our heart and our feelings. Mardit B.Lleshi’s compositions aim to form the soul and visual images through notes. As the English writer Aldous Huxley once said, what comes after silence, which is nearest to expressing the inexpressible, is music.

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