Fluttery Records is a home for post-rock, ambient, modern classical lovers. We call our artist roster "United Nations of Fluttery Records". We are a multicultural record label with artists from different parts of the world. It is a place for creative music and artistic independence. It is the voice of artists with vision.

Fluttery Records is also an artist friendly record label sharing a great deal of its income directly with its artists. It was 2008 when our story started. As the label founder Taner Torun says "Since that day our voice gets stronger".

For anything: info@flutteryrecords.com

Press inquiries: press@flutteryrecords.com

Music Submissions: discovery@flutteryrecords.com

Customer Service: sales@flutteryrecords.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ask a quesion

I'm a press member, music writer, blogger, DJ or podcaster and I want to review / air your music. How can we make this happen?

We'd love to include you in our press list. Please get in touch. press@flutteryrecords.com

I'm an artist or I have a band. Can you have a listen? May I join your family?

Yes, we would like to hear your music. But please don't send MP3s or other digital file. If you have a profile where you have uploaded at least three songs (reverbnation, soundcloud etc.) send an e-mail to discovery@flutteryrecords.com . We will try to visit and check your profile links. Please, have information about our vision and about the artists who are already signed. We aren't able to reply immediately but we put all the emails in a folder called "artist submissions" and listen them when we have time. We are very sorry for this but we are getting too many submissions. Meanwhile, you can check Artglider for cool tools for your music.

I have a film project and I need music.

We have absolutely cinematic music. lf you are interested in using our music in your projects with reasonable prices, let's have a talk at info@flutteryrecords.com . Also, our artists may want to score new tracks.