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The instrumental sound of the KOVLO moves between quite, intimate and mysterious soundscapes, and hypnotic, furious and violent noise explosions, in the best tradition of bands like GSYBE!, Mogwai, Isis, Explosion in the sky, Sigur Ros.

With the release of their first three records, “I’m so happy on this boat” (2008), “Hey Mom, where’s Timbuktu?” (2011) and the original soundtrack for the movie “Tutti Giù – Everybody sometimes fall” (2013 - selected in film festivals such as Locarno and Montreal), KOVLO became one of the most interesting and important Swiss post-rock and instrumental rock bands.

Today they are worldwide known and critically acclaimed. During their European tours they played in Switzerland Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Czech Republic andother countries.

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Release Date: 23 January 2016
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