The band 417.3 from Russia was formed in 2006 and since that time has been playing post-rock/instrumental, using only digits and symbols in the names of the songs. Till 2008 the band had been using two violins, double bass, guitar and drums. At that time, the band's music could be described as the most soft and light. In 2008 the band released the EP "--", consisting of 4 tracks, which attracted the attention of the American private label SleepyTime Music, and later in the same year, two violins were replaced with a cello. The musical mood of the band had changed, one can hear it in the debut album of 2011, "_ (-_-) _" which was recorded with the second guitarist, who joined the band in 2010.

The album consists of 10 tracks, each of which lasts an even (but not equal) number of minutes. This was done in order to describe the completeness of thoughts, closure of starting and ending points, which in the end will connect with each other. Transition of mood from depression to euphoria and inspiration can be traced in almost every track of the band 417.3.

In 2012 the band parted ways with the contrabassist and cellist, and invited the bassist and keyboard player. The last one had been playing in the band not long, but managed to take part in the formation of a new, heavier sound. The transitions in music from the explosion of emotions to meditative immersion, from gloomy harmonies to light and vice versa, became more explicit. All this reflected in the album "2", which was released in the same year. Mastering of the album was done by the drummer of Cult of Luna and excellent sound engineer Magnus Lindberg. The mixing was done in the Rostov studio Otherside Records.

In subsequent years, 417.3 has been actively giving concerts and collecting new material. The band changed the drummer. The music style also changed - new compositions became more mobile and rhythmic. In 2015 the band started recording the album in the studio and created the support action on a crowdfunding site. The campaign was successful and in July 2016 the band released a new album - "34". Mixing and mastering was performed by the American sound engineer Jack Shirley, the owner of the studio "The Atomic Garden Studio", who worked with Deafheaven, Loma Prieta, and many other groups.