Gate – No Exit


Track List

1 - // 28 ss.rd // 7:12
2 - // 38 // 2:40
3 - // 13 // 2:49
4 - // 44x // 2:54
5 - // 8 // 8:47
6 - // 29 // 12:19
7 - // 21 // 6:28
8 - // 27 // 27:50

Gate - No Exit

Gate, also written as |˟˟| creates a wild environment in his debut on Fluttery Records. 'No Exit' is a path to discover his music which stands somewhere between noise and jazz, but which is also influenced by drone, industrial and Mongolian traditional music. In this Tokyo based project everything is product of solo improvisation without any overdubbing; it is completely free music without plans, themes, or melodies; and the music on the CD is - except for some fade-in or out - exactly the same as when it was first created. 'No Exit' is an expression of discomfort, restlessness and oppression. Lajos Ishibashi-Brons (the person behind the |˟˟| project / pronounced as 'gate') says “Modern society expects - even demands - people to be happy. Vast numbers of people walk around with a forced and fake smile, pretending to be what society wants them to be, until they break down. Such fake happiness and its commercial products, such as most pop music, is depressing and nauseating more than comforting. Perhaps my music is a response to and expression of the discomfort caused by this euphoritotalitarianism.”


Abolute Zero Magazine

Ah Jap Noise its always an adventure no matter who creates it Merzbow, Masonna, Melt Banana and Incapacitants etc. Gate is just the same where they try to add a bit of freeform jazz elements into there nutty collection of tones, rumbles, blips, feedbacks other forms of various broken and rewired pedals and odd laptop effects. No Exit will drive most to the point of ultimate madness but to the fans of this style myself loving this . I would say if the brilliant Jap noise label of SSSM was still around this would be a highlight to its roster. So I'm glad a newer label like Fluttery Records is keeping this style out there to the masses even if there are just a few thousand of us out there. I look forward to many more challenging releases from Fluttery and Gate...

Devil Has The Best Tuna

Gate, also written as |˟˟| (if it was good enough for Prince it's good enough for Lajos Ishibashi-Brons The person behind |˟˟|) creates a improvised masterpiece on his debut on Fluttery Records. 'No Exit' is pitched somewhere between noise and jazz, between drone and industrial with a dose of Mongolian traditional music thrown in for good measure. This Tokyo based project is as close to pure music as you can get.

In Forty

Seven minutes of deafening, near-formless noise opens No Exit. Two minutes of something akin to electronic whale song follows. Track six sounds like some megalithic spacecraft grinding slowly past your window. The improvisational project of Lajos Ishibashi-Brons is certainly not easy – this is an hour of droning, freeform, unsettling noise; anti-music that you might admire, detest, or both.

Connexion Bizarre

The album is a very diverse one. Lajos starts it off with dirty drones and a primitive melody scratching itself out in "28 ss rd". He brings in strings on "38 ss mk" with what I guess is the morin khuur being bowed, the piece later develops into a delightful grating loop which keeps time with an ominous drum beat. "13 ss rd gt" is a complete surprise as it bursts onto your speakers with vigorous pounding rhythmic noise. This is followed by "44x ss rd bs", an introspective piece dominated by echoing plucked strings. Again on a completely different vibe "29 ss rd gt" is a noise ambient piece with claustrophobic engine room sounds and haunting drones.

Release Date:  November 15, 2009
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