Marionette ID – Emptiness Will Change Your Mind


Track List

1 - Disgraceful
2 - Days turn into years
3 - Arrival
4 - Icon over you
5 - Somehow still here
6 - Fallin' farther
7 - Skyline
8 - In silence

Marionette ID - Emptiness Will Change Your Mind

Sound As Language

Certain bands break up and seemingly take their style of music with them when they go. I have always felt that was the case with Engine Down. The band’s brand of soothing, melodic post-hardcore was fairly original for such a crowded genre. When they folded, the band left a huge void as there seemed to be nobody else comparable in sound. Now, Hungarian band, Marionette ID has come along and made me realize just how much I love this style.

Marionette ID formed earlier this year and is touted as the ’successor’ of the Sammy Sosa Band that began in 2004. The eight songs that make up Emptiness Will Change Your Mind are a fascinating collection. Emptiness Will Change Your Mind is an album in the truest sense. These are eight pieces of a puzzle that make up a brilliant picture. There is a deliberate nature to the band’s songs as they slowly build layer upon layer and brick by brick. Subtle melodies are countered by moody instrumental passages and soothing vocals. Marionette ID possess an emotional weight and depth that truly set the band apart. This is post-hardcore at its most melodic and structured. Marionette ID are practicing a precision few bands dare to. If you are willing to give Emptiness Will Change Your Mind some time to grow, you will be richly rewarded.

Twilight Magazine

Its paradox, Marionette ID’s current album contains only 8 songs, which is why my first thought was: « Oh, what a short record. » After having pushed the play button, however, the music wouldn’t stop playing. Even though there are comparatively few songs on the album, with round about 50min, the listener is getting an above-average playing time.

But let’s talk about the band now. Marionette ID is a Hungarian combo, which opposes categorizing their music. I’ll give it a try anyways und would squeeze the guys into the Alternative/Indie/Postrock drawer. Actually, the album “Emptiness Will Change Your Mind” was recorded and released in 2008, but when the band got signed to Fluttery Records, one agreed to rerelease the album to open up a larger circle of listeners.

According to the biography, Marionette ID sticks out from the rest of today’s Alternative/Indie bands. But what is it that makes the difference? Maybe it is the unconventional timbre of the singer (“Fallin’ Farther“), the experimental-instrumental song passages (“In Silence”, “Arrival”), the honest, almost philosophical lyrics or the emotional-melodic mixture of all those components (“Disgraceful”). The answer to the question what makes the band so outstanding should be found by everybody individually. Let me make only one thing clear, with “Emptiness Will Change Your Mind”, Marionette ID succeed to create, not an entirely new, but still a very special, individual and exceptional listenable world of sounds


marionette ID from Budapest are creating an exceptionally mix between PostRock and IndieRock. In nearly 50 minutes on 'Emptiness Will Change Your Mind' they've wrapped up 8 really good songs which incite one to sing along

C.W. Ross - Rating : 8.25 / 10

It hard to pin down the style of music played by the band because it changes depending on what song or even what part of a song you’re listening to at that particular time. You’ll hear everything from Indie and modern rock to post rock, progressive and even jam band elements in the eight songs that make up ‘Emptiness Will Change Your Mind’.

Never have I heard songs from a band that have so many different twists and turns found in them. The songs will be gently rolling along when suddenly they pick up the pace like a thirsty race car engine getting a fresh shot of nitrous oxide juice. Also several of the songs start to wind down like their getting ready to end when suddenly the guitars crank back to life and continue on for several more minutes.

The songs also have long running time with shorter tracks running in the 4-5 minute range while longer ones run in the 7-8 minute zone. With the releases last track, “In Silence”, having a whopping total running time of 9:17 minutes.

The track, “Disgraceful,” kicks things off, the song start off with light guitar and drumbeats that are left to jam free until the 1:50 mark when the vocals come to life and the pace of the song picks up.

I also have to mention the fine drum work found in the songs including some of the nicest cymbal work that I’ve heard in a long time. The hard cymbal hits found at the start of the track, “Arrival”, brings the song to life while the soft cymbal work found on the next track, “Icon Over You”, helps to add a nice softer edge to the song at the start of it.

On the releases last track, “In Silence”, if your patient and don’t hit the off button to quickly, you’ll be rewarded. After years of reviewing lots of music I’ve learned to be patient when listening to release’s last tracks because bands often like to hide little eggs of musical goodness at the end of them. On this particular track the band really makes you wait. The song ends at the 6-minute mark but if you listen to some dead air until the 7:04 mark the song gentle springs back to life with a piano part that last until the 9:12 mark when the song really comes to an end.

I know some of you are probably thinking man this dude is to anal retentive for listening to all of that dead air time but it’s what I do to help keep you better informed!

In closing, with the music that’s packed into the 8-tracks found on Marionette ID’s ‘Emptiness Will Change Your Mind’ they walk a fine line between keeping the music fresh and different while not crossing over into too much of an experimental sound that might cause the rock element found in their music to get lost in the mix.


Excellent cross between Alternative and Progressive with a tip bit of post-rock influence. Turns out VERY GOOD. Give it a go. I did and I dig. Its musics like this that makes posting and writing entries fun. Solid 4 to 4.5 with GOOD vocals. Definitely look forward for more of their sound


Emptiness Will Change Your Mind.” - one of the most philosophical and creative lines to come out of rock music in recent years.

Blues Bunny

Recently reissued by Fluttery Records, "Emptiness Will Change Your Mind" is the debut album from Hungarian band Marionette ID.

Opening with "Disgraceful", it is immediately apparent that Marionette ID have brought the kind of intensity to their music that the current crop of indie rock can only aspire to. Unlike those three chord wonders, each song is allowed to develop in manner that suggests that there is a plan behind these songs and, to get the most of this band's music, you would have to listen to the album as a whole. Accordingly, although it would be unkind of me to classify this as modern day prog-rock, songs like "Arrival" and "Fallin' Farther" certainly have that languorous, almost self-indulgent, feel. The guitars are much to the fore throughout as well with the vocals seemingly relegated to the background as if to further mask the band's intentions in mystery. "Skyline" is perhaps the most accessible track drawing as it does on eighties guitar rock to make its point.

An interesting album, therefore, that would have appeal for those who like melody in their rock music or for those who seek to go further than indie rock snack food.

Release Date:  March 29,  2010
© Fluttery Records

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