Draff Krimmy – Poetry Of Vår


Track List

2 - Tror ikke på ny revolusjon, but that doesn`t explain why you came all the way out here, all the way out here to hell
3 - Vennligst ikke parker foran porten, we are listening to a lullaby
4 - Otradnoje
5 - Hører du stillhetens klang, it`s the poetry, the poetry of war
6 - Et øyeblikk av salighet, burried at the bottom of the sea
7 - Det regner en slik regn som cleans the air
8 - Min engel
9- Matchball!
10 - Ser du, det blir mørkere and the frost makes a flower
11- Farvel vår, winter is coming

Draff Krimmy - Poetry Of Vår

Poetry of Vår is a result of a collaboration between musicians living in 8 different countries, which included Halvard Vebjörnsson (Germany), Morfar (Norway), Rim and Kidedo (France), Void`s Anatomy (Canada), Bosques De Mi Mente (Spain), Hasta Luego Pilar (Denmark), Dylan Waller (USA) and Gargle (Japan).

The album is an experimental piece of music with a cinematic atmosphere. Standing somewhere between post-rock / ambient, listeners of Set Fire to Flames, Eluvium, Godspeed You Black Emperor and Mùm may find new tastes in the album when they meet Draff Krimmy’s ambience floating with guitars, accordion and drones.

Pascal Payant (filmmaker):
“There’s a place between time and melody. This fracture of reality blended with originality. A moment where you are left alone. Thinking of a sound, a mood, an atmosphere. This place in time is called Draff Krimmy. Alone in the bliss of dark with a glance of joy in your face. Welcome to a real ambience melody.”

Thomas Andre (musician)
“Early morning, wintertime. An eerie light brushes away the last shreds of the night. The day to come awaits, numb. It’s that time when everything seems to melt and merge, thoughts, dreams and languages alike. Draff Krimmy’s music is playing. It is mysterious and uncanny. It is this early morning melting of the senses. Echoes of instruments you recognize and the swoosh of others unknown, melodies entwined, evocative, reaching out and meeting on neutral ground. Draff Krimmy is the peaceful coming together of peoples in the Northern lights, speaking in many languages and communicating. It is the poetry of vår.”

Taner Torun (musician / producer)
“I had the same feeling when I listen to my favorite bands like Godspeed You Black Emperor and Low. Poetry of Vår is an epic listening experience to fall, rise and get lost in it.”

Martial Despre (musician)

“Listening to Draff Krimmy’s music means to accept a journey through beauty, melancholy, happiness and poetry. Through the grace of a personal vision of music which contains all the troubles and the beauties of our world. Poetry of vår is not just a musical trip, it’s more than that, it means accepting to face the beauty of musical poetry.”

”Poetry of vår burde fåes på resept!” (Poetry of vår should be available on prescription!)


Caleidoscoop review by Jan Willem Broek

Draff Krimmy is the kind of project top which the label ‘band’ really does not fit well. It is much more a project in which different musicians from 8 different countries communicate with each other through music – langua...ge as music and the other way around. The musicians and/or bands that started exchanging material are Halvard Vebjörnsson (Germany), Morfar or Morten of Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderson (Norway), Rim and Kidedo (France), Void`s Anatomy (Canada), Bosques De Mi Mente (Spain), Hasta Luego Pilar (Danmark), Dylan Waller (VS), and Gargle (Japan); while the hard core of Draff Krimmy is the in Norway living German Jan, Maciek (Germany) and Mareno (Norway). The participants do not always know what instruments the others use; it is more like a natural process in which ideas and elaborations are shared and extended like in a real conversation and discussion through music. Nevertheless, a reasonably consistent and harmonious whole, covered by a mysterious veil resulted from this. Dreamlike soundscapes, made up of scraps of glitch, post-rock, electronics, experimental music, folk, lo-fi and ambient. It really is more like atmosphere than like regular music and that makes this project such extraordinarily fascinating. Electronic sounds, guitars, piano, whispered male and female vocals, accordion, field recordings, creaky sounds, samples, and lots more pass by in a serene, sometimes ghostly fashion. Rustic, but with a spooky feeling; something like that. The song titles have also become linguistic hybrids, further covering the project with a mysterious mist. The young quality label Fluttery has shown with this that they stand for innovation and guts, like they have proven with many other releases. The music by Draff Krimmy is an enjoyable middle between 2 By Bukowski, The Third Eye Foundation, Human Greed, Hood, Piano Magic, Múm, Set Fire To Flames and the related Godspeed You! Black Emperor. The poetry of this band is in all pores. Beautiful listening experience!

Zeugulator / Music will Save Us All

Eight musicians comes together to create Poetry Of Var, eight artists from eight different countries. I could say that would be at least one from Iceland, but it isn't. The sound of Draff Krimmy reminds the bands from the magical island. It's the partnership ambient and experimental, film atmosphere, spooky noises, frightening breaths, electronic props and somewhere between scattered vocals. A pack of melancholic compositions that create a special package (of music) poetry on overflowing emotions. The Poetry Of Vår is released by Fluttery Records.

InForty rewiew by Matt Bone

A collaborative project between musicians from eight different countries, it’s unsurprising that Poetry Of Vår is a very eclectic affair. The record sweeps through post rock, ambience, experimental noise, and regions more unclassifiable without much concern of coherence, whilst throwing in such things as storm samples, the whirring of a washing machine, and, weirdly enough, commentary of a tennis match. With its contrasting of the worldly and otherworldly it holds similarities to The Knife’s Tomorrow, In a Year, and is more an experiment in sonic textures than an album – though it does possess moments of conventional beauty (see the latter half of “Min Engel”).

Release Date:  July 16, 2010
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