Diamond Gloss – Bears


Track List

1 - I Am Black And Blue All Over
2 - Canadians
3 - Walnut And Trees Tables
4 - Filter Fat Corner
5 - Argyle Square
6 - Glasses
7 - Step Piece
8 - Fawns

Diamond Gloss - Bears

Bears is the debut album of Gonçalo Pereira, under the alias Diamond Gloss. His sound and melodies incorporate elements of modern classical, electronica, idm, ambient, and post-rock music with live instrumentation.

Pianos, micro-beats, effects-treated guitars, music-boxes, lo-fi strings arrangements and other acoustic instruments such as glockenspiels are the vehicles that shape this carefully produced and layered, non-linear quest. His influences travels among modern composers such as Arvo Pärt and Henryk Górecki, the ambient experiments of Brian Eno or his peers Autechre, Hammock, Sigur Rós, Helios and Múm.

Bears takes us on a journey through landscapes and environments that oscillate between contemplative, tender sometimes mournful symphonic melodies and gleeful, joyful and explosive moments.


Central Michigan Life - Jay Garry

Diamond Gloss’s debut album “Bears” is a fresh take on the usual dark, droning styles of post-rock and ambient IDM. His solo work features many of the set piece calls of a post-rock/ambient IDM album with its slow, passionate piano work, droning background sweeps and glitchy electronics, making for an album that easily showcases its influence from acts like Helios, Secede, Sigur Rós and Múm.

From that basic starting point however Diamond Gloss adds these very happy and high pitched instruments like music boxes and glockenspiels. The inclusion and use of these instruments take the usually serious emotional tone of post-rock and inverts it into an almost innocent and nostalgic, emotional style.

It’s hard to describe through words alone how this transition is accomplished but this sound is strong and striking when experienced. Songs like “Walnut and Trees Tables” invoke the thought of taking a nap in a kindergarten music room as an autumn evening breeze chills the air outside; it’s peaceful, serene, and calming.

Slave State - Michael Porali

It was a suprise for me to discover a new record label (Fluttery) starting in 2011 with a debut "Bears" by the Goncalo Pereira, the man behind the Portuguese post rock / drone project Diamond Gloss. And what a gateway for me! Bears is a journey into a dream world you are allowed to visit- at least, with musical help - with repetitive chunks of dark drones, unique mixes by Pereira, mediocre noise music with backwards samples which are far beyond being ordinary with the nice Glockenspiels. All in all, "Bears" about everything I need for the next few months. But are you able to sit still with wide open minds for a good hour? I dare to promise to "Bears" will reward you richly!

Caleidoscoop / Jan Willem Broek

Neoclassical, ambient, idm and glitch are also woven into his intimate post-rock patchwork. Namely, aside from the electronic sounds, glitches, and symphonic harmonies, one can also hear several sometimes electronically transformed acoustic instruments or fragments thereof, from mouth-organ to typewriter, guitar, and bowed string instruments. This is further colored by means of desolate piano pieces. The music is very modest and sad, which in all likelihood is related to the fact that he dedicated it to his late wife. The serene and restful music pleasantly enters the subconscious, like a daydream, lovingly covering the nightmare hiding beneath.

The Silent Ballet / Richard Allen

As the album winds down - quietly, like a bedtime story - the listener is left with the feeling that the artist may be well acquainted with the shadows, but prefers to live in the light. The album's last natural sound is that of a person splashing in a puddle, one of the most joyous and least self-conscious of all human acts. This sound provides the impression of bright umbrellas and matching plastic boots, a break in the clouds, a sudden spring after a wearying winter.

EtherREAL / Fabrice Allard

After each element in its right place, the rest seems clear. Melodies are amplified and are growing, some arrangements appear as ethereal scapes, melodic loops and rhythmic elements, a kind of maracas on Canadians or some wonderful dry snaps and cracks on Walnut And Trees Tables. Bit-by-bit, the sound thin down, all the elements are mixed together as an abstract ambient, a dream refined by cracking and bright tinkling (Argyle Square) or a melody of piano (Filter Fat Corner).

Release Date:  January 25, 2011
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