Kimika – Octobre


Track List

1 - Octobre
2 - Eva
3 - Atlantic City
4 - Section A
5 - Section B
6 - Section C
7- Pluton

Kimika - Octobre

Kimika’s second album was recorded in 2010. This record exclusively instrumental comprises clever progressive and ambient melodies that are built in emotional chain reactions. One of the main features of this album is segmented in three sections namely A, B and C. “Section A” maintains a tasteful blend of harmonizing guitar melodies…

“Section B” picks up after and the integrated trilogy begins to draw greater attention. Aside from the rhythm guitars aptly complying with tradition, the drums take on the notion of a quasi-patriotic mantra that stays consistent even after the face-melting rock segment commences. Enter the guitar trills, and the song slowly reaches the point where “Section C” takes over with a gradually building and surprisingly resolute foundation. For this reason alone, Kimika deserves applause, not derision. These three songs obviously belong together as a sum fragmented into delectable episodes…”- The Silent Ballet.

Release Date: November 22, 2011
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