Kimika – Bipolaire


Track List

1 - Quartier D'Étoile
2 - Last Words
3 - Première Étape
4 - Ghost
5 - Goribond
6 - Sky
7 - Run (Part 2)

Kimika - Bipolaire

Kimika’s debut LP “Bipolaire” was recorded in 2004. This album half instrumental depicts a broad range of ambiance and emotions covering a long period of writing. “Bipolaire” was warmly welcomed and gave rise to many concerts and was broadcast in many University and National Stations. This record “capture the dichotomy inherent in post-rock, not just its quiet-loud dynamic, but the parallel extremes of concordance and discordance, love and hate, ennui and ecstasy, which also constitute bipolar oppositions.”- The Silent Ballet.

Release Date: November 22, 2011
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