Inner Trip – Initiate


Track List

1 - Wot 84
2 - Reincarnation
3 - Maya
4 - Consciousness
5 - Deva
6 - The Queen
7 - Third Eye
8 - Beingness
9 - The Waves Of Infinity

Inner Trip - Initiate

Inner Trip' is the solo project of Saman N (born 1984, graphic artist and musician) formed in 2011. Saman lives in Iran. With his debut album "Somewhere Near The Pulse" he has overcome the prejudice and made a good start on his musical journey. The album received good response from listeners & music writers.

Inner Trip continues the journey with his sophomore album. Nine pieces from nine different lands of music make the second album of Inner Trip which entitled "Initiate". In a closer view, the album is based on electronic and ambient atmosphere with some touches of oriental music. Although there are two songs with vocals, "Initiate" is almost an instrumental album.

Saman says "Inner Trip's dough, imagination and dream, have a bold role on my music. Each track has a deal with my inner fantastic world." Initiate might be the right choice to discover what lies beneath.


Beach Sloth

Inner Trip makes a hauntingly sad album with 'Initiate'. No light it is let in through its almost unnerving sense of clam. Much of this is nearly pure ambient. This is atmospheric music at its most intense. The album start with a pinging rhythm before it builds up into an enormous piece. Some of these pieces are extremely minimal. ‘Maya’ barely has a pulse; it lingers as a quiet moody track. On the absolute opposite side of this is the track ‘Reincarnation’ which gets extremely loud (in comparison to the rest of the album). Watch the volume levels on this particular track as it almost shocks with its sheer burst of energy. For me the lower-key songs are fascinating. Overall this is a sad album. The quiet adds to the downbeat mood. It is rather gorgeous in its quietness.

A Closer Listen / James Catchpole

Inner Trip’s personal touch over Initiate sets it apart from other releases; this is his music and his history, opening up as it does a rejuvenating honesty and a quickly established trust between both the artist and the listener. Inner Trip takes a voyage deep within ourselves, as each piece delves deeply inside our own circular thoughts and the immense labyrinth of the mind. The music is designed to kindle our own search for inner peace, and it resounds effectively as the initiation to the process. With Inner Trip taking us by the hand, our deepening meditation is in very safe hands. Safe is a very dangerous word for musicians, yet there is a reassurance of coming back to what we know; we may have been here before, or in a world similar to this somewhere long ago in our past, a place that is vaguely recalled and yet strangely distant on remembering. Whatever thoughts arise from Inner Trip’s music, the imagery may likely be shared by all, as one consciousness. Initiate can change perceptions; it may be that this young musician is the ignition that is so needed.

MRU / Vanessa Baker

Less than a year after Somewhere Near the Pulse, Inner Trip has completed his second album, Initiate. The nine tracks are largely ambient, with a hint of an electronic and modern classical sound thrown in for variety. The Iranian artist, also known for his graphic art as Saman N, admits to taking inspiration from cinematic soundtracks. While the influence is noticeable as the narrative flow and heavy reliance on piano recall a certain familiarity, Inner Trip’s sound goes beyond cliché, exploring a musical identity that is all his own.

He claims to have gone deep inside himself for the production of Initiate, trying to ignore outside influences as much as possible. As a result, the tone of the album is very dreamy and visual, calling to the mind soothing, ethereal images of grand, scenic landscapes from around the globe. Each song comes from a different location, bringing listeners on a journey to far away lands without ever leaving the comfort of their own minds. Two of the tracks feature soft yet strong vocals that perfectly complement the natural instrumental sounds they’re paired with. Whether you’re searching for background music for a romantic dinner or a relaxing bubble bath, or just want something to unwind to, Inner Trip provides the perfect soundtrack. This album really does inspire listeners to take a trip within themselves toward clam and inner peace.

Sound Shock / Calum Robson

Saman’s ambition is evident; to create cloud-destined ambience that never grounds itself until the final note finishes. And he succeeds in keeping the listener anywhere but reality. Inner Trip’s electronic diversity ensures this with a sound made up of strange samplings, symphonic strings, classical choir, psychedelic utterances and even featuring instrumentation from clarinet, mandolin and piano. There are dark vocals on occasion too – the trippy effects, strange beats and punches of psych electronica on ‘Consciousness’ are accompanied by deep vocals steeped in a curiously lulling dread and given an almost spoken word quality. Any fan of Ulver’s experimental exploits will appreciate the ambient electronics of the project and it’s surely only a matter of time before this talented musician is appreciated on a wider scale. Assume relaxed position on the recliner chair, burn the incense, initiate ‘Initiate’, lock your eyes shut and begin.

Caleidoscoop / Jan Willem Broek

The Fluttery Records steadily continue delivering great music from around the world, mostly in the postrock corner. 28 year old Saman N., a musician and graphic designer from Iran (Tehran), who makes electronic music with his musical vehicle Inner Trip. His goal here is giving you a new imaginary soundtrack. Last year, he made his debut with his wonderful CD Somewhere Near The Pulse containing his extraordinarily original compositions in which crossovers of neoclassical, ambient, electronica and trip come together. In his new album Initiate, the neoclassical splendor with breathtaking (electronic) orchestrations here is beautifully complemented by the glitchy electronics, piano parts, gently pulsating beats, field recordings, dark vocals and beautiful samples of soprano and chorus. The music goes regularly to the bone, very beautiful. Breathtaking, isolationist music where you imagine yourself on wintry landscapes full of beautiful, moving images.

You get the cinematic music of Phylr, the chilling music of the dark and Heinali, postrock of Labradford (just listen to "Consciousness"). There are also influences from Massive Attack, Gargle, Olan Mill, Craig Armstrong, Clint Mansell and Pleq found in this intimate music. Saman creates a mysterious magical reality that you just totally go dreaming. An overwhelming sequel to the already strong debut. Grand!

Release Date: September 17, 2012
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