Amp Rive – Irma Vep


Track List

1 - Procession
2 - Best Kept Secret
3 - A Sort Of Apology
4 - Clouded Down
5 - If
6 - The Apocalypse In F

Amp Rive - Irma Vep

Italian instrumentalist Amp Rive release their debut album "Irma Vep" on Fluttery Records. Their music can be described as post-rock with a strong focus on melody, mixed with hints of shoegaze and dreamy dissonances. Energetic, pure and elegantly melodic dynamism. Precise, functional, but never trivial rhythmics. Let's have a look at what others say about them:

"Amp Rive plays a pure, elegant form of post-rock, which is hard stuff to find nowadays.Their debut album has the grace and delicacy that are essential for it to be called a great album. The sounds are calibrated to move in the same direction, and they get more and more intense each time you listen.
Amp Rive shows that it's still possible to come up with great instrumentals. (Rockit)

"Post rock with peacefully reverberated atmospheres. Six tracks that are transparently enchanting". (Rockerilla)

"If someone ever asks you to explain the idea behind post-rock in words or theories, don't even try. The answer is all in this album. A modern instrumental classic, it fascinates the listener with its poetry". (Rockambula)

"An instrumental album with catchy melodies that put you back in touch with your feelings, with the moments when the music just gets inside you". (Musica Rovinata)

"An excellent debut album with post-rock flavor in considered, concise tones, where proper maturity and unwavering passion shine through in every track" (The Cave)

"Impetuous, incredibly lively post-rock that wins you over as time goes by" (HateTV)

"Compellingly melodic, this instrumental post-rock offers peaks of energy and drive which make it really pleasant to listen to, and it never gets monotonous". (Sound Magazine)

"Straddling psychedelia, this post-rock is electric and dynamic, and has a strong penchant for melody. It hits directly between mind and heart, a place that other albums rarely aim at". (Rock Impressions)

"You can't find anything bad to say about this album. It all flows perfectly, as clean guitars segue into distorted guitar work, and the feeling just gushes out". (Shiver)

"A worthwhile album with very good technique, 'Procession' and 'If' are the nicest, most exciting tracks". (Ondalaternativa)

"Exciting crescendos and awe-inspiring overtures, with balanced arrangements and unshackled instrumental power" (Salad Days)

"An album you'll listen to again and again and again, as you lose yourself in its reverie". (Lyezine)

"Refinement upon refinement are skillfully introduced as the tracks follow one another. These small "licks" embellish the beautiful melodies of the songs and plant them firmly in your mind" (Radio Nunc)

Release Date:  December 14, 2012
© Fluttery Records

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