Neko Nine – Summer Is You


Track List

1 - Breathe In
2 - Some People Are Not Like Me
3 - Summer is You
4 - What Can You Feel When The Day Dies
5 - Supernova
6 - NeverNeverNever
7 - Let Me Explode
8 - Shining
9 - Colors Of Universe
10 - My Stars So Cold
11 - Birds Come Home
12 - Breathe Out
13 - Safe in Sound (Bonus Track feat. Akeru)

Neko Nine - Summer Is You

Russia's Neko Nine was started by Seva Shaposhnikov in 2009. It became a four piece band in December, 2011. Here they are: Seva Shaposhnikov (guitar, vocals, samples), Andrey Kuznetsov (bass), Roman Veselov (guitar), Aleksandr Danilevsky (drums).

Neko Nine's post-rock / post-metal aesthetics is made of peaceful melodies & distorted harsh guitars, atmospheric sound space, nasty drum beats. Their music also contains unique results of the experimentation of new possibilities for post-rock sounds.

“Summer is You” is the debut album of Neko Nine. This thirteen songs album is filled with pure energetic guitar sounds and emotional melody lines.

Release Date: December 14, 2012
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