AL_X – Shunt


Track List

1. Stromness
2. Too Late, Too Far
3. Takk (En Sens)
4. Into The Trees
5. Shunt (Part I)
6. Faux
7. Klomino
8. Interlude One
9. Colder
10. Screaming Across The Sky
11. Theme From Fractal
12. Who Now? When Now?
13. Shunt (Part II)
14. Blindness
15. Strond
16. Back Into The Trees
17. (I Was) Supreme
18. Stromness Returns
19. Ghosted
20. Interlude Two
21. Striking Thirteen
22. Bain

AL_X - Shunt

Liverpool electronic music artist Al_X (Alex Dunford) returns with a new 22 track album, ‘Shunt’. A less ‘song’ oriented album that his debut release, but it sees him move into a more comfortable soundtrack based genre.

The album started life as a small 4 track EP, but over the last year, grew to a huge 70 minute soundtrack to Al_X’s dreams and nightmares. “I always have trouble sleeping, and when I do, I have very vivid dreams and nightmares, and they stay with me for a few days. The subject seems to be quite dark or deals with large spaces, so I can try and work with what I can remember, and attempt to put that into music with various instruments and textures”, Alex states. “It’s a concept album, I suppose, but a very close one at that”, he adds.

Recorded towards the end of 2012 and most of 2013, utilising large halls, field recordings, analogue equipment, AL_X has produced an album that would grace most soundtracks.

Starting with ambient textures, Al_X takes us on a journey through folk, electronica, ambient, new age, but to name a few, and then back to his signature folk / electronica, to end the album on a rather uplifting tilt, taking us through a lot of emotions along the way.

Shunt once again features collaborations from Jeff Jepson, Dom Kearne and Kirsten Sharp.

Release Date: January 24, 2014
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