Beneath The Watchful Eyes – We Held Our Breath Until Our Hearts


Track List

1. Blood and Sand
2. Box Cutter
3. All They Did Was Stand And Stare
4. Left Fractures
5. At The End Of The Pier
6. Exposed
7. Letters From Zedelghem
8. Waiting For Them To Leave
9. The Wolves Are Running

Beneath The Watchful Eyes - We Held Our Breath Until Our Hearts

Beneath The Watchful Eyes plays well-built postrock music that is cinematic and influenced by electronic music. The duo is from Blackpool UK, Simon Morgan and Barry Parkinson are also members of another post-rock band; Goonies Never Say Die. Simon was also a member of Midas Fall.

Having released two albums with their band Goonies Never Say Die, they decided to retreat into their home studio and get busy trying to create something unique and beautiful. This is the sound that came out of hours of experimenting with different tones, beats and emotions. Ranging from glitch/math post-rock to ambient piano pieces swathed in electronic noise, Beneath The Watchful Eyes create music which has an over-arching feel but with constant changes in dynamic.

Like a sincere apocalypse in a cathedral, Beneath The Watchful eyes take every emotion you never knew you had and effortlessly soundtrack it using only vast soundscapes, swathes of electronica noise and biting guitars, coming across like a vast explosion only backwards and in slow motion. Taking the core writing duo of post-rock band Goonies Never Say Die and stripping everything back to the bare bones, Beneath The Watchful Eyes lay their souls exposed to your own interpretations of their inner most thoughts.

Release Date: February 15, 2014
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