Arms Of Tripoli – Dream In Tongues


Track List

1. Miniature Habitats
2. Velcro Thunder Fuck
3. Scraping Skies
4. Escalator Jazz
5. 10th Graders Forever
6. Canna
7. Snowed In
8. Addendum
9. Ahs a Vahs a Vae

Arms Of Tripoli - Dream In Tongues

Arms of Tripoli's first full length album is nothing short of a spectacular sonic great album, characterized by layer upon layer of dream guitars, spread out like a deep field panoramic picture from the Hubble telescope. With this album, the band pushes the boundaries of not only the margins they set for themselves with their debut EP (All the Fallen Embers), but of the instrumental music genres in which they are often classified as well. Again the band collaborated with fellow musicians who lent their own interpretation and vision of the songs to the recording, helping to further shape and structure the overall album.

Dream in Tongues is a unique representation of the evolution of the band in both its musical style and composition techniques. The individual musical idiosyncrasies of each member, along with the additional musical collaborators, all mesh thoroughly into a refreshingly modern approach to the post-rock genre, resulting in an aural delight that is sure to enchant and captivate!

Release Date: February 21, 2014
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