Astrowind – Somewhere The Music Had Been Played


Track List

1. Somewhere The Music Had Been Played
2. Wind Playing Far
3. Straight Before The Rain
4. Alleys
5. In The Park
6. Rusty Radar Operator With Piano In His Head
7. Echopark
8. Park Walk
9. Meditation

Astrowind - Somewhere The Music Had Been Played

Astrowind (Kirils Lomunovs) is Latvia based sound and video artist. Starting from the early 90-ties he represents essential experimental electronic music and alternative musical stage of Latvia.

For the last few years in consequence of his own activities his music was published in such countries as Germany, Italy, France, Denmark, Turkey, Spain, USA, Ukraine and Russia.

Deep interest of sound exploration led K. Lomunovs to participate and establish several dissimilar musical projects and to try to invent his own sound.

Being true to analog sound and experiment in the form of live improvisation with old Soviet and Japanese analog synthesizers and effects K. Lomunovs invented experimental and authentic music style - Paleopsychedelic ambient and also realized a Glitch-Hop project Kriipis Tulo. The style of Paleopsychedelic ambient brightly represented and continues to develope within Astrowind project established by K. Lomunovs in 2006.

“Somewhere The Music Had Been Played” represents Paleopsychedelic ambient again. Once issued on "Resting Bell” label in 2007, edited version this feature certainly worth to be reissued in more "touchable" media today in full-length.

Recorded on tape recorder during live improvisations at Tokctoka studio in Riga in August 2007, but it still represents contemporary sound.

All the tracks are left untreated and unprocessed as they were on original tapes. All where improvised on analog hardware. Analog synths and echo machines speak a language each one understands well. Astrowin brings out unordinary nostalgic melancholic paleopsychedelic experimental ambient music with a distinctly spatial nature and territorial associative relation to a region of Baltic Sea.

Release Date: April 04, 2014
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