Row Boat – In Between


Track List

1. Meet me at the Colosseum
2. Ever After Memories
3. All of the Lighthouses
4. Hollow
5. The Dying Art of Romance
6. Your Hand, My Hand, and the Stars
7. Later That Day
8. What it is to Feel

Row Boat - In Between

Post­rock has become so varied and broad along the music spectrum that many people find it hard to explain these days. This would also explain Mark Wardale’s latest album release ‘In Between’. A mix of numbing piano sounds, ambience, subdued electronica and ‘dirty’ strings produce the different shades that make up the light and dark of romance in note form. New sounds and feelings are evoked whilst a sense of familiarity lingers and comforts.

‘In Between’ was an idea, an interpretation of romance, written in note form for listeners to relate to in a different and unexpected way. Love can have so many meanings, good, bad, confusing. This album was written to show not just the light side, but the darker and unexplored sides of romance.

What makes the album so unique is the creative collaboration between musician ‘Mark Wardale’ and writer, reviewer and all round music lover ‘Daniela Patrizi’ on ‘In Between’ to create the perfect artwork and imagery in reference to the music.

The 40 minutes of music itself meets all listening expectations, from the strong and empowering piano’s and ambience of ‘Meet me at the Colosseum’ and ‘Later That Day’, to the darker edgy and more reflective songs like “The Dying Art of Romance” and “Hollow.”

Release Date: April 11, 2014
© Fluttery Records

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