Diamond Gloss – Nomawkish


Track List

1. Santa-Clara
2. Upright Piano
3. Chicago
4. Summer
5. Eda
6. Red
7. Sidd
8. Nomawkish

Diamond Gloss - Nomawkish

Nomawkish is the second studio album from Portuguese ambient / modern classical project, Diamond Gloss. Three years after debuting with “Bears”, Gonçalo Pereira returned to his studio to record new Diamond Gloss’ songs.

Nomawkish was recorded in Lisbon. Like on the first album, piano is the main key also on this recording. Nomawkish has different mood from “Bears”, which was a more joyful and open album than the new one. Nomawkish is more dark and introspective. The recording of this album started with various loops recorded after “Bears” was released. The album was recorded entirely with piano, and then layered with strings, dulcitone, choirs and ambient noises.

Nomawkish has a lo­fi feeling, almost like an old tape playing back on a walk-man. These lo­fi production was an intentional choice for this album. Compared to Diamond Gloss’ previous work, this album is the logical step forward.

Release Date:  April 18, 2014
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