Gespenst – Dogma


Track List

1. Grace
2. Dogma
3. Cerca Trova
4. Immortal
5. Rebirth
6. Everything Ends

Gespenst - Dogma

The second Gespenst album, Dogma is presented with new sounds, colors and textures. The 6 tracks and 40 minutes album is dominated by sheer heaviness of the guitars, melancholy of the strings and the ambiance of the synthesizers. All put together in a harmony to produce a sound that is significance to their style.

There is a sense of rawness in this album, comes with delicately plucked guitar notes, noise form the distortion and synth haze hovering in the background. The duo tries to reminiscent of what’s left from their first album “The Bloodline” and present it in cinematic and heavy way.

Let’s hear what they say: “We try to produce an album that has matured in sounds and in our style of composition. And this time, it's far more restrained, heavy, delicate, and atmospheric. Dogma is the beginning, it is a prove that we have a lot to offer."

Release Date:  November 01, 2014
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