Draff Krimmy & Continental Fruit – Existenz


Track List

1. Ennui
2. Nietzschevo
3. All these lushy pianos
4. Solitude
5. Min engel
6. Pompös depressiv

Draff Krimmy & Continental Fruit - Existenz

Draff Krimmy is not a band. It is a project between people from all over the world who communicate in the language of music. The central person in this project is Jan, a German guy living in Norway. draff krimmy started with “Präexistenz” in 2002, a track inspired by love, Rodion Raskolnikoff, and an acoustic home recording including songs about suicide and life. In 2003 the next piece, “Inteventuell” was recorded. It was inspired by a honeymoon, A Silver Mt. Zion and Dumas` Le comte de Monte Cristo. It was an experimental piece created by people who didn`t know each other before. (5 songs/almost 60 minutes).

Draff Krimmy signed to Fluttery Records in 2010. Their 11 track full length “Poetry Of Vår” is their label debut which was also their first official release (previously released by How Is Annie Records).

The second album, Existenz comes in 2015. This time it is a collaboration with Continental Fruit (Jon Øyvind “the captain”), a Norwegian and his synthesizer. He started up back in 1995 on borrowed equipment and released a cassette with the Gold Soundz-fanzine. Later he invested in his own equipment, released a few albums and contributed to compilations on various labels.

"Life is a wonderful journey. Vulnurable and massive. It’s about love, anxiety, boredom and other exciting ingredients." says Jan.

Existenz, where the beginning and the end is set. What happens in between is like a conceptual voyage through various phases and genres. A bit like life itself. Improvised ambient, folky post-rock with an electronic twist.

Release Date:  January 23, 2015
© Fluttery Records

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