Halcyon Chamber – Halcyon Chamber


Track List

1. The Space Between Words
2. Vignettes
3. Fading Sky
4. Our Dance Under a Lake
5. Death of the Universe

Halcyon Chamber - Halcyon Chamber

Halcyon Chamber is an electronic ambient project born on December 31st, 2013 during an unforgiving winter ice storm. Jason Baron created a basement studio where melodic soundscapes were coaxed from classical and digital instrumentation, providing warm refuge. Halcyon Chamber intertwines analog synthesizers, female vocalizations, classical strings, meditative sections, and shimmering melody. A gentle, evolving mixture of chamber music and electricity.

The Halcyon is a mythical bird with the power to calm the rough seas and quiet the waves during the harsh winter solstice. Each song is considered to be an individual halcyon chamber, a small containment of this mythical calmness into a fleeting physical existence.

Halcyon Chamber’s self-titled initial release carefully balances electronic, classical, ambient, and meditative influences. Moog synthesis, classical violin, cello, and effects-laden guitars coalesce in ambitious harmony. Female vocalizations become another component of the sound, yet do not dominate the structure. Listeners will drift among cold winds, expansive deserts, and cinematic melodic textures.

Release Date: January 30, 2015
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