Secoya – Ghosts


Track List

1. Hey
2. Ghosts
3. Corsica
4. Ajuda
5. Realise
6. Faded

Secoya - Ghosts

Secoya is an ambient/experimental project of George Robinson, a producer from Bristol, UK. He started his musical journey by playing piano at early age. As he grew older, he discovered different types of music and different ways of creating them. George's music is often lo-fi and possesses an ability to evoke emotions provided by his surroundings, green countryside and darker cities. This combination flowing from mixture of ambient, experimental, lo-fi and classical music aims to capture and evoke certain emotions.

George's music is characterised by commonly extensive dynamic changes. These contrasting atmospheres develop in nostalgic and melodic brand of ambient music.

“90% of my music is made at about 8 am, while I'm still in bed.” Secoya

Ghosts is the debut album from Secoya. The album combines reverb laden melodies and nostalgic chord progressions with a lo-fi feel to create an aural reflection of Robinson’s thoughts, feelings and surroundings at that time. The joyful tone and interesting textures on this album bring back the happy memories that everyone has. Another interesting detail about the album is our label founder Taner Torun did all the album artworks.

Listening to Secoya is like a gate opens to past for all of us. Get ready go through old movies, amusement parks and dusty things in the attic.

Release Date:  March 06, 2015
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